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Simple steps you can take at home to  prevent water pollution .

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Watershed Signage

Signage installed at Griggs, O'Shaughnessy & Hoover Reservoirs invites park visitors to  take a self-guided tour along the shoreline & learn about the green infrastructure installed there.

Rain gardens, porous pavement & more can improve the quality of storm water entering the reservoirs that supply our drinking water.

Non-point Source Pollution

Stormwater Runoff

Protect our Waterways
Illustration Courtesy of NCDENR

Salty Taste

saletruckThe use of large quantities of deicing salts applied to surface roads and walkways during winter storms may lead to its influence for short periods on Columbus’ water quality from open drainage into our water supplies.

Currently there is no treatment alternative in Columbus to remove increased concentrations of sodium from road salt. This can lead to spikes in taste and odor calls that include both briny, or salty concerns; occasionally for some palettes, soapy or slippery textures are also noted.

Due to the higher flow rates of our river systems, such occurrences spike, and then quickly subside after the snow melts and is carried away past our plants.

It is important to note this taste and odor poses no health concern but one of aesthetic quality.

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