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2022 CWC commission

Mrs. Ginther

First Lady Shannon Ginther, Chair Shannon Ginther knew she had an opportunity to help improve the city when her husband, Andrew J. Ginther, was elected the 53rd Mayor of the City of Columbus - learn more

Karim Ali

Karim Ali Karim Ali is a partner in the Corporate Department at Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP. - learn more

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla Lourdes Barroso de Padilla has an extensive background in youth development and leadership. - learn more

Susan Basso

Susan Basso Susan is an innovative and transformational human resources executive, with over 30 years of experience leading in all aspects of human resources management. - learn more

Monica Cerrezuela

Monica Cerrezuela Monica Cerrezuela currently serves on the senior leadership team at the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) as Chief of Staff. - learn more

Sheri Chaney Jones

Sheri Chaney Jones Sheri Chaney Jones is a serial entrepreneur, who has helped government and nonprofit organizations gather and use data to change actions, outcomes and lives. - learn more

Leah Evans

Leah Evans Mrs. Evans is the Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development, having previously served as the Director of Home Ownership and Neighborhood Revitalization and Vice President of Neighborhood Strategies. - learn more

Gina M. Ginn, PhD

Gina Ginn Dr. Ginn serves as the Executive Director for Columbus Early Learning Centers. - learn more

Emmalyn Jerome

Emmalyn Jerome Emmalyn Jerome serves as the Program Director of Rachel’s House, a transitional housing program of Lower Lights Ministries, which serves women re-entering society directly following incarceration. - learn more

Veronica Knuth

Veronica Knuth Veronica serves as the Chief People Officer for Quantum Health, an award-winning consumer healthcare navigation company. - learn more

Ronnie L. Marquez-Posey, MBA

Ronnie L. Marquez-Posey Originally from Texas, is currently serving as a Bureau Chief of Trade and Veteran Services for the State of Ohio in the Office of Workforce Development. - learn more

Jillian Olinger

Jillian Olinger Jillian Olinger is the Chief Mission Officer for YWCA Columbus. - learn more

Donnetta Peaks

Rev. Donnetta Peaks Donnetta Peaks is the Director of Clergy Recruitment, Candidacy, and Licensing for the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. - learn more

Denise M. Robinson

Denise M. Robinson Denise Robinson is President and CEO of Alvis, Inc. - learn more

Ola Snow

Ola Snow Ola Snow is Chief Human Resources Officer at Cardinal Health. - learn more

Aminata Soko 2022

Aminata Soko As Director of the ECDI Women’s Business Center of Central Ohio, Aminata Soko enables socially and economically disadvantaged women, immigrants, and other underrepresented individuals to become financially independent through small business ownership. - learn more

Danielle Sydnor

Danielle Sydnor Danielle Sydnor is CEO of the newly formed Rise Together Innovation Center a capstone of a larger, Franklin county-funded strategic plan to help an estimated 400,000-plus county residents find paths toward economic stability. - learn more

Bob Szuter

Bob Szuter Bob Szuter is co-owner of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, a downtown Columbus brewery, restaurant and private events space, and Understory, the sister brewery and restaurant in Old North Columbus. - learn more

Sarah Townes

Sarah Townes Sarah Townes is currently the Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Experience Columbus and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, where she is responsible for all aspects of marketing, digital, public relations and partnerships. - learn more

Heather Whaling

Heather Whaling Heather Whaling is founder/president of Geben Communication. - learn more

Thank you to past commissioners

  • Christie Angel

  • Elizabeth Brown

  • Victoria Calderon

  • Janelle Coleman

  • Nichole Dunn

  • Nicol Ghazi

  • Danielle Harlow

  • Terri Ifeduba

  • Gale King

  • Vinita Mehra

  • Mary B. Relotto

  • Bruce Wimbish