Zoning Code Update


Zoning codes are a set of rules that regulate what can and can't be done on a particular piece of property – they influence where we live, where we work and how we get around. Zoning can be used to help attract new businesses, encourage the construction of new housing and protect natural resources. Learn more with this Zoning Primer.
Because zoning codes have a significant impact on how we build and shape our community, they are an important tool in fostering equitable growth. The Columbus zoning code has not been comprehensively updated since the 1950s. A reflection of the time it was written, the code is still rooted in dated ideas of our needs, desires and values.

Our goals for the Columbus Zoning Code Update are to:

1.       Modernize our zoning code to reflect our community’s current and future needs, values and aspirations. 
2.       Support growth that prioritizes environmental and economic sustainability through improved transit, additional housing opportunities and the creation of job centers. 
3.       Encourage thoughtful investment in neighborhoods that have experienced racial and economic segregation to help undo the harm caused by past urban development policies. 
4.       Guide the design and development of main streets, neighborhoods and activity centers to support community goals while celebrating the unique character of our neighborhoods and creating a sense of place for residents. 
5.       Ensure the Columbus zoning code is fair, predictable and accessible. 

Zone In Advisory Committee

The Zone In Advisory Committee was formed to provide input into the strategies and development of a comprehensive zoning code update that is responsive to community needs and furthers equitable opportunity for all Columbus residents.  Read the Advisory Committee Overview to learn more.  The advisory committee generally meets the first Wednesday of each month, although dates are subject to change.   

We need YOU to Zone In on this effort to comprehensively update the Columbus Zoning Code.

Over the next three to four years, the city will be working with residents and other Columbus stakeholders to determine how an updated zoning code can help all Columbus residents and businesses thrive. You can contribute to this historic effort in multiple ways.



  • Get information about the Zoning Code Update and upcoming events by joining our
    mailing list.
  • Email us your comments or questions at [email protected]


  • Help us understand your priorities for your city and community. [survey coming soon]
  • Attend community events to help us shape this important tool for Columbus. 

Upcoming Community Events

Undesign the Redline

Redlining and zoning codes have helped perpetuate racial and economic segregation in our cities. Learn about the history of redlining in the US and Columbus and share your experiences by visiting the YWCA Undesign the Redline exhibit, which will be hosted at various locations throughout our community. You can view this exhibit on your own, or attend one of our hosted events!
Please Click Here to view a flyer that includes relevant events and dates.