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Project Overview

Columbus is growing.  This growth brings opportunities and challenges.  Where will people live and work?  How will they get around?  What will our neighborhoods look like?  How can we foster opportunity?  Columbus is working now to consider and address these issues.  Zoning is a key tool in helping to guide growth and reinforce community priorities. 

Columbus, like most communities, uses zoning to regulate such things as property use, building size and placement, setbacks, and open space on any given parcel.  The regulations for a particular property are determined by a combination of the  zoning map and the corresponding standards in the zoning  code.

The city is now moving forward to update the zoning code.  While there have been many revisions over the years, the Columbus zoning code has not undergone a comprehensive update since the 1950s.    

Project Goal: An updated zoning code aligned with City priorities for growth management, equity, affordable housing, job creation, neighborhood vitality, sustainability, and transportation.

Phase One

The first phase of the code update effort is underway.  With the help of a team led by Lisa Wise Consulting, the City is undertaking an assessment of the current zoning code and process.  The phase will also establish key priorities and strategies for the updates to occur in phase two.   Phase one began in November 2020 and run through summer 2021.  

Phase Two

Phase two will draw on lessons learned during phase one to develop, propose and undertake changes to the zoning code and process.  Changes to the zoning map will also be considered.  This stage will also include substantial stakeholder engagement.  Further details, including a timeline, will be available later after the conclusion of phase one.

Project Documents and Resources: