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The City of Columbus, Recreation and Parks Office of Special Events is declaring a moratorium on all new special events and race events (as defined in the Event Planning Guide) in the downtown area starting February 1, 2020, until further notice. The primary areas affected by this moratorium will be Genoa Park, Bicentennial Park and West Bank Park. 

This declaration is based on a number of factors, including high demand and new and ongoing construction projects in the area, which will drastically reduce the use of surrounding streets such as Washington Boulevard, Belle Street and the Town/Rich Street Bridge.

Staff will review any pending applications for feasibility, but recommends no new events plan or start an application for this area.

Special Events Rescheduling Policy in Response to COVID-19 

2020 Event Planning Guide Cover

I.  Event Planning Guide

Are you organizing a festival, concert or charity race? Planning a block party? Hosting a regatta? In this section you will find information to plan a successful even in the City of Columbus. All Event Coordinators are responsible to be aware of all city codes and policies listed in the Event Planning Guide. If you qualify for an event permit, you must submit a completed online Event Application. To assist you in planning, you'll find maps and other helpful resources below.

Course Maps

 CourseDistance (Miles)     Course Capacity     Virtual Map Links
 Columbus Commons 1 3.8  1,000  Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 1A      3.9 1,000 Virtual Map
 Columbus Commons 2 3.9  1,000 Virtual Map
 Columbus Commons 3 3.7  1,000 Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 4 3.8 1,000 Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 5 3.1  2,500* Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 5A 3 2,500*  Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 6 3.1 2,500* Virtual Map
 Columbus Commons 6A 2.9 7,500+ Virtual Map 
 Columbus Commons 7 6.2 1,000** Virtual Map
 Columbus Commons 8 1.5 200*** Virtual Map
 Columbus Commons 9 1.2 200*** Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 1 3 500  Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 1A 3.3 1,000 Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 2 3.1  1,000  Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 3 3.15 500 Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 3A 3.15 1,000 Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 4 3.3 500 Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 4A 3.3 1,000 Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 5 3.1 2,500* Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 5A 3 2,500* Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 6 3.1 2,500* Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 6A 2.85 7,500+ Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 7 6.2 1,000** Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 8 .95 200*** Virtual Map
 Genoa Park 9 1.5 200*** Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 1 3.35 1,000 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 1A 3.1 1,000 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 2 3.45 1,000 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 2A 3.2 1,000 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 3 3.1 500 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 3A 6.2 500 Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 4 1.35 2,500* Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 4A 1.1 2,500* Virtual Map
 Huntington Park 4B 1.25 2,500* Virtual Map
 McFerson Commons 1 3.1 1,000 Virtual Map
 McFerson Commons 2 3.1 1,000 Virtual Map
 McFerson Commons 3 3.1 500 Virtual Map
 McFerson Commons 3A 6.2 500 Virtual Map
 Smith Farms 3.1 500 Virtual Map
 Wolfe Park 1 3.1 500 Virtual Map
 Wolfe Park 2 0.9  1,000  Virtual Map

  *Over 2,500 requires additional fencing on John McConnell Blvd
  **Total 2,500 in a combined 10K and 5 K
  ***On the sidewalk  

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) is now offering financial support to local public event organizers to assist with the promotion of waste reduction activities, increasing recycling and composting at events and generating public awareness about waste reduction.

Green Event Guide
SWACO Community Waste Reduction Grant Information 
SWACO Event Waste Reduction Grant Information
SWACO Recycling Container Loan Program Information