Patti Austin, Administrator, Division of Power

Services include:

  • Competitively priced electricity services to our power customers
  • A street lighting program to light Columbus streets for safer neighborhoods
  • Maintenance of the city's electric distribution systems and other related infrastructure
  • A capital improvements program to upgrade infrastructure and provide streetlighting
  • Customer service including the call center, meter reading, repair, and inspections

Citywide Street Lighting

Citywide Street Lighting To report an existing streetlight that needs service, please call 311, 645-3111 or 645-7627. Information about street lighting options. - learn more

Establish New Utility Service

Establish New Utility Service Information on requesting new water, sewer or power service. Contact information for closing accounts, call: 645-8276 weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - learn more

Connect to City Power - Service Area Map

Connect to City Power - Service Area Map

If you live or operate a business within our general service territory we may be able to provide your electric service. Please complete the online service request form or contact Customer Service at 645-7360. Thank you for your interest in City Power. NOTE: the map is only a general outline -  our representatives will be able to determine if you are within our service territory.  

View Service Area Map by Zip Code - learn more

Energy Savings Tips

Energy Savings Tips Learn how to save energy year round. Plus, link to a rebate offer for a new programmable thermostat or low flow shower head. - learn more

Utility Discount Programs

Utility Discount Programs Customers who participate in assistance programs such as Heap, Medicaid, food stamps & public housing may be eligible for a discount on their water/sewer bills. Seniors age 60 and older with limited income may also qualify for a discount on electricity & water bills. - learn more

Electricity Commercial Services Rates for electricity, private area lighting, festival connections, special charges and a glossary of terms are included. - learn more

History of Streetlights & Municipal Power in Columbus

History of Streetlights & Municipal Power in Columbus

1844  Columbus gets its first streetlights, which are gas powered.
1880  First workable lighting system is unveiled at the Ohio State Journal newspaper offices. Several private electric companies are established including Columbus Electric Light, Columbus Edison Electric Light, and Columbus Electric Light and Power, some of which are used to light streets. - learn more