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KCB Education Opportunities

Education Opportunities

Keep Columbus Beautiful (KCB) offers presentations, activities, partnerships, and teacher workshops that can be used in a classroom setting or with a group.

Our goal is to introduce in-school educational programs that develop socially responsible behavior and community pride by engaging students in service projects as partners with adult area residents and civic leaders.


Fort Hayes Litter Free School Zone Video

Teacher Workshops

Three Words About Litter…Pick It Up!!

  • Pick It Up!! is a curriculum based litter activity guide offering activities are from Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Waste In Place and the State of Ohio Windows on Waste and Super Saver Investigators (PreK-6)
  • Activities help students make a difference in litter prevention and community improvement
  • Activities are interdisciplinary, designed for integration into school subject areas

Elementary School (PreK-5)

The Wartville Wizard

  • The colorful children’s story book The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden or the animated DVD is presented to students followed by an educational litter activity
  • The lesson raises student awareness about litter and social responsibility

Middle School (6-8)

The Trouble With Litter

  • Keep Columbus Beautiful’s interactive presentation that raises middle school students awareness about litter as an issue
  • Lesson shares litter data and teaches the who, what, why, and where of littering
  • The presentation explains the “Broken Window Theory” and the impact of litter on neighborhoods and the environment
  • Introduced to Three Words About Litter…Pick It Up!!, the presentation reinforces students social responsibility for the care of our neighborhoods

Elementary, Middle and High School (PreK-12)

School Community Service Learning Day

  • Students clean-up litter on the school grounds and surrounding neighborhood
  • Each grade “adopts” an area to clean-up
  • KCB provides the trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and litter grabbers
  • The day starts with a “litter pep rally”
  • Students are chaperoned by teachers and parents
  • While picking up litter students are asked to identify litter sources and solutions
  • The clean-up is followed by a “litter audit” to identify what is being littered
  • Students are asked to take the “PICK IT UP!!” litter pledge

Adult Education

Litter Prevention

  • Presentation for high school, college, and adult audiences
  • Uses data from Keep America Beautiful’s national study on litter and littering behavior
  • Describes our litter problem and its consequences for communities and the environment
  • Designed to reinforce individual responsibility for the care of our communities
  • Explains how the services offered by KCB are building better neighborhoods

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Teacher Workshops

Waste In Place (WIP)

  • Activities from Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Waste In Place (Grades PreK-6)
  • Designed with assistance from education advisors and community leaders
  • Lessons on litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, composting, waste-to-energy and landfills are easily integrated into school subject areas such as science, social studies, language arts, mathematics, art, and music
  • Students acquire knowledge, information, and skills to make informed and responsible decisions

Elementary School (PreK-5)

  • - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink
    • A 45-minute, interactive presentation that combines PowerPoint slides and actual examples
    • Designed for classroom or multi-classroom size audiences
    • Students learn how to throw away less, conserving renewable and nonrenewable resources
    • Reinforces individual responsibility for the care and sustainability of our urban environment

Adult Education

Integrated Solid Waste Management

  • A presentation created for high school, college, and adult audiences ideal for neighborhood groups)
  • Explains management of solid waste generated by households, businesses, and institutions
  • Describes how much waste we generate and the five methods of managing our waste
  • Shows how consumers can reduce the amount of waste they generate and dispose

If you would like to schedule an educational opportunity, please contact KCB at 614-645-2421