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You're taking the first step to making your home, business, or community group part of a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable Columbus. We're glad you're here.

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Why join GreenSpot? For a couple of really good reasons, actually. One, it's a small thing you can do to make a big impact on the health and future of Columbus. Two, it couldn't be easier.

Our green community is growing daily and currently has more than 15,000 current members consisting of households, businesses, organizations, and community groups.

I GreenSpot Because I Love to...

Erins daughter small fileDo you want to show us why you love to be a GreenSpot member? It is easy and fun. Simply download and print this sign and take a picture of you being green. Tag us on Facebook (Columbus GreenSpot) or email us at GreenSpot@columbus.gov.You can be featured on the GreenSpot Facebook page and help us raise buzz around GreenSpot!

2016 GreenSpotLight Celebration

2016 Spotlight Award RecipientsOn April 12th Mayor Andrew J. Ginther recognized the GreenSpotLight Award winners for their sustainability achievements over the past year to help make Columbus a beautiful, healthy, and prosperous city. The Mayor also recognized the six organizations that graduated from the GreenSpot Sustainability Initiative class.

Council member Elizabeth Brown recognized the Columbus Energy Challenge winners who reduced their energy consumption by at least 20% over the last year.

GreenSpot Backyards

GreenSpot Backyards

GreenSpot Backyards provides education and tools for a healthy backyard. You can be eligible for one $50 rebate on an approved rain barrel, compost bin, or native plants.  You can also get a $100 rebate on a native tree.  Take an easy on-line quiz or attend a workshop hosted by Franklin Soil and Water.

Give Things a Second Chance


Columbus residents love recycling, that is why the RecyColumbus program has more than 75% participation rate.  To learn more about the program visit RecyColumbus.

Check Out This Bright(er) Idea

Light bulbs

Changing out your lightbulbs to LEDs can save money.  An LED bulb can have a useful life of 25,000 hours (25 times longer than traditional bulbs). Annual operating cost for an LED is 90% less than that of a traditional bulb and more than 50% less than a CFL.

Blue is the new Green

Water Drop

Installing a WaterSense labeled showerhead can save the individual 912 gallons of water a year

Kids Like Green Too!

Kids Like Green

GreenSpot for Kids encourages all ages to Be A GreenSpot with interactive activities, games, green tips, and even a downloadable book, "GreenSpot and the Dots".