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The Green in Walking

Walking is a great way to keep your body at a healthy weight --  learn more about why walking is so important for good health.

Columbus Green Walks are a unique way to get active while learning about the environment in one of Columbus’ premier parks. These plotted paths are great for nature buffs and offer educational lessons for students -- all centered around one of the greenest activities - walking! And, walking (just like biking or using public transit) are great ways to save energy while you burn energy!

Take a Tour of Natural Sites and Good Green Practices

Columbus Green Walks is a self-guided walking map with audio tours of a Whetstone Park. The map direct you to sites while recorded messages tell you about each one. The phone number has a recording with information about each site on the map. Whetstone Park Green Walk

Please call the main number (614) 645-8110 and enter the 3-digit extension number to hear specific site information. The majority of the routes are accessible and flat.

Download the Green Walk Map .

Green Walk School Tours

Not located near Whetstone Park? No problem! Use the Columbus Green Walk School Tour & Activities to turn any space around your school into a Green Walk!

Download Columbus Green Walks School Tour & Activities .

More resources for teachers are available at .