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Section 3 Resources

What is it?

Section 3 is a compliance requirement from HUD that applies to all construction projects funded with HUD-sourced grants that exceed $200,000 (in total costs), and to all contractors or subcontractors with an individual construction contract or subcontract above $100,000 on a HUD-assisted project.

A summary of compliance requirements are:

1) To the greatest extent feasible, hire and train Section 3 residents, and submit monthly reports of the total labor hours worked on project to [email protected]. At least 25% of total labor hours must be worked by Section 3 Workers, and at least 5% of total labor hours must be worked by Targeted Section 3 Workers.

2) To the greatest extent feasible, contract with Section 3 Business Concerns.

3) Provide outreach/training for Section 3 residents, and report on the outreach and training undertaken in monthly reports. 

Forms and Resources

This document provides an overview of Section 3 compliance and reporting processes: Section 3 Reporting Guide

These documents may be used be an employee or employer to self-register as a Section 3 Worker or Section 3 Business Concern: Section 3 Self-Certification Forms

Use this form to submit Section 3 Monthly Reports: Section 3 Monthly Reporting Tool

Section 3 Contractual Clause