Plan Review, Permits and Inspections

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections determine that electrical wiring, equipment, and systems are installed in accordance with code. 

Below you will find applications, inspection scheduling contact numbers and publication information specific to the electrical trade.

To schedule an electrical inspection:
Phone: 614-645-8265 or Fax: 614-645-2418

To cancel a scheduled Inspection:  
Phone: 614-645-7847 and Fax: 614-645-2099 
Check out some of the Construction Industry Communications for the electrical trade.
CIC-13 Recessed Lighting Fixtures  
CIC-19 Floor Heat Mats 
CIC-26 Rough Inspections Fire Alarm Systems
CIC-31 Emergency Work Permitting
CIC-37 Primary and Secondary Service Installations
CIC-40 PV Systems 
CIC-41 MLS Inspection Process

This link is to a listing where you can find all of Construction Industry Communications.

Documents & Forms
Electrical Permit Application 
Miscellaneous Services Form 
Contractor Compliant Form
Inspection Request Form
Photovoltaic (PV) Systems - 3rd Party Inspectors    
Inspection Log Form