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Smoke-free Indoor Air

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Smoke-Free Indoor Air

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In November 2007, Ohio voters approved a state law prohibiting smoking in indoor public areas and workplaces with very few exceptions. Under the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Law, Columbus Public Health is a designated authority and is responsible for smoking compliance in the City of Columbus and the City of Worthington. As of December 7, 2006, all investigations of smoking violations in Columbus are conducted under the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-52.

Are you thinking of adding an outdoor patio for smoking at your facility?


In order to permit smoking, an outdoor patio must allow thorough, unobstructed circulation of air to all parts of the patio. The patio must not have more than two walls if it is covered.  Also, smoke must not enter a regulated area from the patio. If in doubt, ask the proprietor.


Smoke-Free Places:

  • All public places and public places of employment, including restaurants and bars
  • All enclosed areas, including buildings and fleet vehicles
  • All areas near entrances and exits of a smoke-free building, so that tobacco smoke does not enter through doorways, windows or ventilation systems

To report an establishment in the city of Columbus that is not in compliance with the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace law, please call 866-559-OHIO (6446).