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The Division of Infrastructure Management's Street Maintenance Section normally sweeps streets from early April through the last week of October.

Street Sweeping To find out if and when street sweeping crews will visit your neighborhood, please type your address into the “Street Sweeping Schedules and Reminders” search window below.  You will receive one of two message types.

1) If street sweeping is scheduled for your area, the next date in which sweeping is scheduled will appear.   You will also be presented with the option for signing up for automated reminders for future street sweeping events in your area.  Just select the “Get a Reminder” or “Get a Calendar” button and follow the instructions to sign up for the notification method of your choice.

2) If you are outside the City of Columbus or not currently in the city’s sweeping program, you will receive a message stating that “The City of Columbus is not responsible for street sweeping within this area.”.

Any comments and concerns regarding the online tool, or our street sweeping program, may be submitted by using the “Need Help?” tab.     


Curbed public streets are swept citywide. The schedule is subject to change due to weather, equipment maintenance or emergencies requiring Street Maintenance personnel to be reassigned. The primary purpose of sweeping streets is to remove dirt, litter and debris from curbs to prevent materials from being washed by rain into storm sewers.  

We ask residents and business owners to move their parked cars off the street before the sweeping date to allow workers room to sweep the curb lanes of their street. In neighborhoods with permanent signs that identify street sweeping parking restrictions, residents should check the signs carefully because vehicles that are not moved on sweeping days will ticketed.  The neighborhoods with permanent signs are Downtown, German Village, Harrison West, Italian Village, Neil Avenue and Ohio State University area. 

For general information about street sweeping in Columbus, contact us:

311 Service Center at (614) 645-3111     E-mail:

If you believe your car has been impounded because it was parked in a posted sweeping zone, you may contact the City Impound Lot (614) 645-6400.

Downtown Sweeping Map:

street sweeping map