Doing Business with the City of Columbus

Columbus is all about business. We offer a stable economy, great location and a desire to assist companies with relocation, expansion and retention. Columbus is within a one-day truck drive or one-hour flight of 41 percent of the U.S. population, 80 percent of U.S. corporate headquarters and 43 percent of U.S. manufacturing capacity. 

Doing Business with the City Columbus Vendor Services is an eGov initiative made possible through a collaboration of the City Auditor's Office, the Department of Finance & Management - Purchasing Office, and the Mayor's Office - Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office. Vendor Services provides a one-stop, twenty-four hour portal for vendor services and contract information. It allows vendors to express interest in doing business with the City and effectively self manage W9, registration, compliance, and bid information, and provides open access for vendors to compete for the public's business. Vendor Services

Business Resources To learn more about doing business in Columbus visit the City of Columbus Economic Development Division Economic Development

Licenses and Permits The Department of Building and Zoning Services enforces the Columbus Building and Zoning Codes. They offer information about obtaining business permits and licenses, inspections, zoning, engineering and more. The department also promotes high quality design standards for new construction, as well as renovation and reuse of existing City buildings. 
Department of Building and Zoning Services
Forms, Permits and Applications 
Fire Inspection  
Building Inspection Request Forms
Ohio Business Licenses and Permits by Agency/Department

Taxes We provide instructions and forms regarding filing taxes for business, corporations and associations, as well as guidelines and requirements for new employers. 
City of Columbus Income Tax
Tax Guidelines and Forms
City of Columbus Tax Facts
Ohio Business Taxes

Assistance The State of Ohio provides programs, services, and incentives that make it easier for corporations, vendors and small businesses to operate and succeed in our state.
Financial Assistance
New Business Attraction
Tax Incentives, Tax Credits, Loans and Grants
Growing Your Business in Ohio

Contractors Building and Zoning Services Online resources provide contractors with forms and applications, enable them to see the status of permit application, request a building inspection and more. 
Contractor Resources

Rules and Regulations Learn more about the regulations that apply to your business and how to stay compliant in Columbus and the State of Ohio. 
Staying Compliant in Ohio

Equal Business Opportuntity Our Web sites provide information on a wide range of topics, including resources pertaining to minority business participation on City contracts and becoming certified to do business with the City of Columbus.
Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)