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Campaign Finance

The City of Columbus adopted stringent campaign finance laws for greater transparency and accountability in municipal political campaigns. These laws are designed to prevent dark money campaigns and unlimited funds from influencing municipal races. Campaign finance reports are available online for public review.

Significant Features Place limitations on annual contributions in line with State of Ohio campaign finance law.
Require financial reports to be submitted electronically in the City of Columbus campaign finance database system.
Provide requirements for mandatory disclosure of political communications.
Initiate a comprehensive process to audit campaign finance report filings, report and investigate alleged violations, and assess fines or penalties.
Permit nonrefundable municipal tax credits for individuals and joint filers, if filing city tax returns. 

The Columbus Campaign Finance Database offers campaign committees an online interface to register, designate a campaign committee treasurer, and to input or upload data related to campaign contributions, expenditures, and other transactions. This system is searchable, offering residents an opportunity to learn more about campaigns and the campaign finance process.

Campaign Finance Database If you would like to search or input data into the campaign finance database, please visit the online database page 

Columbus City Code Chapter 107: Elections