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Ethics Financial Disclosure Statements

Ordinance 0086-2016 enacted Section 2321.56  of the Columbus City Codes, which requires filing of personal ethics financial disclosure statements with the City Clerk in addition to filings required by the Ohio Ethics Commission.


The City of Columbus is requiring the same form issued by the Ohio Ethics Commission.

The City of Columbus filing is to be accompanied by a one-page addendum; the addendum is for description(s) of any gifts over $75.00, ONLY if the gift was received from one of the following sources:

  1. Any person with whom the office holder, candidate, or designated employee, or office holder’s, candidate’s, or designated employee’s immediate family*, does business; 

  2. Any person who is a creditor of over one thousand dollars ($1,000) of, or a debtor of over one thousand dollars ($1,000) to, the office holder, candidate, or designated employee;

  3. Any person with whom the office holder,candidate, or designated employee has an investment, other than a primary residence or real property held primarily for personal recreation, of over one thousand dollars ($1,000);

  4. Any person that has another fiduciary relationship, such as co-owner or proprietorship of a corporation, trust,business trust, partnership, or association, with an office holder, candidate,or designated employee.

*“Immediate family” means a spouse residing in the person's household and any dependent child. Ohio Revised Code Section 102.01(D).

Instructions for filing
The financial disclosure statement and related addendum, if applicable, is to be filed with the City Clerk’s office by one of the following methods.  Please refer to the filing deadline calendar posted on the Council website.

Hand delivery: If you would like a time-stamped copy for your records, please provide an extra copy upon filing.  The City Clerk’s office is located at City Hall, 90 West Broad Street, Second Floor, Rm. 231, Columbus, OH 43215.  Documents may be filed between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  There is no charge for the filing. Street parking at meters is available and there is a parking garage at the corner of Front and Gay streets.

By Mail: Forms can also be sent via regular U.S. Mail to: City Clerk, Ethics Filings, 90 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

Email: Forms can be attached to email and sent to the City Clerk at:


For any questions, please contact:

Information Files
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