Comforting your baby

Comforting Your Baby

Parenting a newborn or infant can be challenging. On little to no sleep, it can seem impossible. Many times, exhausted parents disregard Safe Sleep guidelines in exchange for some uninterrupted sleep. In order to get that most sought after sleep after bringing your newborn baby from the hospital it is important to learn how to soothe your baby when it’s fussy and to transition your baby into a solid routine.

Below are resources that can help your family adjust during this often overwhelming time.

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Safe Sleep Academy Columbus Public Health is proud to be a partner of Cribs for Kids® National Safe Sleep Initiative. Cribs for Kids® achieves its mission of helping every baby sleep safer through offering ongoing Safe Sleep education and programming designed to ensure that every baby has access to a safety-approved crib. Columbus Public Health and Celebrate One's Cribs for Kids® program partners with 27 agencies to provide the Cribs for Kids Cribette™ to families in need.

If you or someone you know cannot afford a safety-approved crib, please contact Columbus Public Health at 614-645-3111.

Cribs for Kids® has recently launched The Safe Sleep Academy, an online resource for parents. In addition to Safe Sleep education, the Safe Sleep Academy offers advice on everything from pregnancy and child development to baby-proofing your home. The Safe Sleep Academy’s Ask the Pediatrician feature provides personal online advice from staff pediatrician, Dr. Eileen Tyrala. We encourage you to explore the Safe Sleep Academy as a trusted resource for all of your baby concerns.