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The City of Columbus Hall of Fame honors outstanding individuals who, through exemplary accomplishments, have gained national recognition for themselves and have brought credit to this City.

Aminah Robinson

Aminah Robinson Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson is one of the most prolific artists living today. Her diverse body of work ranges from drawings and woodcuts to complex sculptures made from natural and synthetic materials, such as twigs, carved leather, music boxes, and “hogmawg,” her own material composed of mud, grease, dyes, and glue. - learn more

Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin As a junior at Ohio State University, Archie Griffin became the 40th winner of the coveted Heisman Trophy, emblematic of the premier college football player in America in 1974. As a senior in 1975, Griffin became the first player ever to receive a second Heisman Trophy. - learn more

Bill Willis

Bill Willis A leader in the area of athletics, recreation and youth activities, Bill Willis is a credit to his profession and native city. Willis began his athletic career as a football star at East High School and later became an All American tackle at Ohio State University in 1944. A standout professional player for the Cleveland Browns from 1946-1953, Willis has been enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame. Willis was the third member appointed in 1963 to the Ohio Youth Commission. He later was appointed Commission director. - learn more

Bobby Rahal

Bobby Rahal A man of many interests and abilities, Bobby Rahal entered his first race, a novice event in Canada, at the age of 17. A-string of impressive race car victories has since been highlighted by his 1986 Indianapolis 500 win. Bobby Rahal not only races cars; he operates several auto dealerships throughout Ohio and is an advisor and consultant to Bobby Rahal's TrackTime Driving Schools. As founder and co-chairman of the annual Bobby Rahal Columbus Charities Pro-Am, he combined his passion for golf with community service and has helped raise thousands of dollars for charity through his tournaments. Rahal has also worked with Secret Santa, Easter Seals of Ohio, March of Dimes, and he is the founder and general chairman of Central Ohio Children’s Charities. - learn more

Captain Phil H. Bucklew

Captain Phil H. Bucklew Captain Bucklew is a native of Columbus and a veteran of unconventional warfare and Naval Intelligence. He has been equally prominent in college, professional and service athletics. In 1961, he was nominated to the Sports Illustrated Silver Anniversary All-American football team. He organized the Navy’s first physiological warfare unit then known as “Beach Jumpers.” He is the recipient of two Navy crosses, the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, a Presidential Unit Citation, the U.S. Army Joint Service Medal and the French Croix de Guerre, plus Korean and Chinese decorations, and the Navy League Meritorious Citation. In 1987, the new home base for the Navy’s vaulted SEAL Teams was named Phil H. Bucklew Center for Naval Special Warfare. His “splendid leadership,” his “indomitable fighting spirit” and his “tireless devotion under perilous conditions” had reflected “great credit upon himself and the United States Naval Service.” - learn more

Charles “Chic” Harley

Charles “Chic” Harley A gifted athlete, who helped Columbus attain the mythical title of “College Football Capital of the World,” Chic Harley’s sports heroics at Ohio State University are legendary. Know best for his performances on the football field, Harley also was outstanding at basketball, track and baseball, and was Ohio State’s First four-sport letterman. He led the Buckeyes to twenty-one straight football victories in the 1916-17 seasons and helped lift a struggling football program to national prominence. He played only two losing football games in Columbus – his last at East High School and his final game at Ohio State. Harley later played professional football with the Chicago Bears. - learn more

Charles Y. Lazarus

Charles Y. Lazarus Family Tradition: “Loyalty to the family, loyalty to the business, loyalty to the community and the nation.” Charles Lazarus, a native of Columbus, began his career as a part time Lazarus associate. After graduation from Yale University, in 1936, he joined the store as a full time salesman. In 1941 he left the Lazarus store to serve his country as a member of the military. By the time of his discharge in 1945, he had attained the rank of lieutenant colonel, Air Force Transportation Command, and had been decorated with honors such as the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star, among others. - learn more

Curtis LeMay

Curtis LeMay A former Air Force Chief of Staff and four star general, Curtis LeMay’s enchantment with aviation began at age 4 when he chased the first airplane he ever saw down the streets and across yards in this native city, Columbus. For over thirty years, the name LeMay was synonymous with the development of military aviation. He served on active duty longer than any other four star general in America’s history and at one time headed the strategic Air Command. He also served in key positions during the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. LeMay retired February 1, 1965 after receiving four Distinguished Service Medals. - learn more

Daniel A. Carmichael

Daniel A. Carmichael Dan Carmichael, a 1941 graduate of Princeton University, was a three-year member of the championship baseball team, captain and a two-year all-conference selection of the latter. In May of 1939, Dan Carmichael was the winning pitcher in the first ever-televised sporting event. In World War II scored thirteen aerial victories as a carrier-based Navy fighter pilot aboard the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Randolph. Post War activities included service as the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron and several years as a Navy test pilot at North America Aviation. He retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain in 1964. As a golfer, Dan Carmichael was the Ohio Amateur Champion (1960), runner-up (1963, 1966, 1969), and the Ohio Seniors Champion (1974, 1978). He was a NCAA semifinalist in 1941, the Ohio Amateur qualifying medalist a record five times, a National Amateur qualifier fourteen times, and the winner of several district championships. In sports car racing, Dan Carmichael has won three national championships, including the 1995 Formula Atlantic championship – in that year he was also awarded the SCCA Presidents Cup. As an architect he and his staff have been responsible for the design of hospitals, research laboratories, and university facilities in Ohio and neighboring states. - learn more

Dr. Amos H. Lynch, Sr.

Dr. Amos H. Lynch, Sr. Affectionately called the Godfather through many parts of Columbus by a grateful community, Amos Lynch has dedicated his life to the newspaper business and supporting the community.  It has been said, “If you cut Amos with a knife, he would bleed printer ink”. The son of a family of medical professionals, Amos chose a journalism career. He has served at the helm of the Call and Post, and formed his own publication the Columbus Post. - learn more

Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan

Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan, a medical philanthropist, has served mankind around the world. A physician and psychiatrist in Columbus for over forty years, he has provided volunteer services to the health care and education of underprivileged youth and adults. Dr. Caplan served as a medical missionary for over 50 years, visiting 114 countries, including three tours of duty as a volunteer physician in Vietnam and Cambodia. He personally immunized 22,500 children in Bolivia against polio in 1970, subsidizing the cost with his own money. He has contributed funds to foundations for health care and education in numerous foreign countries. He has been honored by the governments of six foreign countries, and received over ninety city, state, and national awards and commendations for his humanitarian works. This caring, compassionate man has improved the quality of thousands of lives worldwide. - learn more

Dr. Nimrod Booker Allen

Dr. Nimrod Booker Allen Throughout his life, Allen played a major role in creating favorable atmosphere for better interracial understanding in Columbus and the nation.   In 1936, he founded the Frontiers of America, Incorporated, no Frontiers, International, which at that time was the only service organization working primarily to unearth, develop and mobilize Negro leadership in the United States and South America.   Allen was a man with vision and wisdom and had the far-sighted ability to organize the Columbus Urban League in 1917. During his thirty-three years as Executive Secretary for the League many positive changed occurred, including the virtually non-existent opportunities for Negroes in labor. He was also the first to coordinate the press, radio, television, police department and citizens to work together in the interest of promoting interracial harmony. 
- learn more

Eddie Rickenbacker

Eddie Rickenbacker A World War I flying ace whom later became president of Eastern Airlines, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker truly can be called an aviation pioneer. His courage and heroics won him the Congressional Medal of Honor, and his dedication to aviation helped develop the commercial airline industry in the United States. Born in Columbus in 1890, Rickenbacker left school at the age of 13 to support his mother, brothers and sisters after the death of his father. Following his death in 1973, Lockbourne Air Force Base was renamed in honor of the man who gave so much of himself to better his native country, state, and city. - learn more

Edna L. Bryce

Edna L. Bryce Edna L. Bryce, a native of Fairhope, Alabama, was one of many African American "domestic immigrants" who sought a broader landscape of opportunity and freedom north of the Mason Dixon line. In 1926 she found that landscape here in Columbus. For the rest of her life she worked to make Columbus a better place for all people. In 1934, she began Bryce Florist in the living room of her home. With no experience, training or resources Edna L. Bryce built that business into a profitable institution, Because of her tireless efforts with both the business and the community she was affectionately known as "The Flower Lady". As a successful businesswoman, an influential political activist and a community leader she was the driving force in the development of the Mt. Vernon Avenue District Improvement Association during the 1950's. While president of the association she was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the development of the Mt. Vernon Plaza. While many boards, committees, organizations and volunteers projects benefitted from Edna L. Bryce, none was as dear to her heart as the Columbus Branch of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, to which she devoted much of her life.   - learn more

Elijah Pierce

Elijah Pierce A native of northeastern Mississippi and the son of a former slave, Elijah Pierce came to Columbus in 1924. A barber by profession, Mr. Pierce has used the pocket knives and chisels of the woodcarver to create internationally acclaimed works of art, depicting Biblical impressions, portraits and scenes from his life. His work has been exhibited in the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution, as well as other prestigious galleries across the nation. Elijah Pierce’s contribution to American fold art has been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, with a National Heritage Fellowship. - learn more

Elsie Bierbower Janis

Elsie Bierbower Janis A talented writer and actress, Elsie Bierbower Janis gained international recognition in the entertainment industry. Miss Bierbower wrote songs and books, and entertained American soldiers in France during World War I. She was later awarded the title of “Sweetheart of the American Expeditionary Forces.” A hit on the London stage, Miss Bierbower also performed at the White House during the McKinley presidency. One of her most successful plays was “The Vanderbilt Cup.” Born in Columbus in 1889, Elise Bierbower Janis was a credit to the entertainment industry and the city she called home. - learn more

Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr.

Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr. Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr. is a graduate of Linden-McKinley High School. He has had a tremendous impact on the Columbus music community. An accomplished musician on the tuba, string bass, and trombone, Gene was picked up by the Tony Pastor Orchestra while still in high school. After graduating, he attended Ohio State University where he performed in the concert and marching bands and helped found the OSU Jazz Forum.  Gene toured with the likes of Louis Prima and Claude Thornhill, as well as the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Band. He also wrote the Linden McKinley High School alma mater. - learn more

Frank Fetch

Frank Fetch Frank Fetch, founder of the German Village Society and instrumental in the development of the German Village commission, is known locally, nationally and internationally as the “Father of German Village.” By the 1950’s, the area that would someday be named German Village was designated by the City of Columbus as a “blighted” area, scheduled for demolition. Enter Frank Fetch, whose efforts led to formal recognition of German Village as a historic neighborhood deserving preservation and protection. The resultant rebirth and rehabilitation enabled German Village to become a viable economic community and an international tourist attraction for the City of Columbus. Thanks to the vision of Frank Fetch. - learn more

George Wesley Bellows

George Wesley Bellows Fourteen magnificent Bellows paintings adorning the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts attest to the brilliance of Columbus born artist George Wesley Bellows. From portraits to prizefight scenes to paintings of river scenery, Bellows captured life on canvas in a style that gained national recognition. The green and yellow splash of "Summer Night," depicting New York's Riverside Park and moonlit Hudson River painted by Bellows in 1909, is perhaps his most famous. Bellows died of appendicitis at an early age. His widow, Emma, dedicated her life to promoting his work around the country. - learn more

Harry Preston Wolfe

Harry Preston Wolfe H.P. Wolfe, humanist and entrepreneur and brother, Robert Frederick Wolfe, were long involved in the development of Columbus in character and economic growth. - learn more

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