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The City of Columbus Hall of Fame honors outstanding individuals who, through exemplary accomplishments, have gained national recognition for themselves and have brought credit to this City.  

Dr. Nimrod Booker Allen

Dr. Nimrod Booker Allen Throughout his life, Allen played a major role in creating favorable atmosphere for better interracial understanding in Columbus and the nation.   In 1936, he founded the Frontiers of America, Incorporated, no Frontiers, International, which at that time was the only service organization working primarily to unearth, develop and mobilize Negro leadership in the United States and South America. - learn more

Warner Baxter

Warner Baxter Columbus born Warner Baxter entertained millions of Americans as a Hollywood actor. He began his career on the legitimate stage, then was discovered by film producers in Hollywood. Fox Studios cast him in one of the biggest box-office attractions, “Cisco Kid.” He later made a personal appearance in Columbus for the world premier of another of his movies, “Kidnapped,” which opened at the Ohio Theatre May 18, 1938. The handsome, well-groomed Baxter was not only a fine actor, but also a favorite Columbus son. - learn more

George Wesley Bellows

George Wesley Bellows Fourteen magnificent Bellows paintings adorning the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts attest to the brilliance of Columbus born artist George Wesley Bellows. From portraits to prizefight scenes to paintings of river scenery, Bellows captured life on canvas in a style that gained national recognition. The green and yellow splash of "Summer Night," depicting New York's Riverside Park and moonlit Hudson River painted by Bellows in 1909, is perhaps his most famous. Bellows died of appendicitis at an early age. His widow, Emma, dedicated her life to promoting his work around the country. - learn more

Reverend Dr. Charles E. Booth

Reverend Dr. Charles E. Booth Preaching the Gospel was a life calling for the Reverend Dr. Charles E. Booth. - learn more

Leslie A. Bostic

Leslie A. Bostic As the Founding Executive Director of The Buckeye Ranch (formerly Buckeye Boys Ranch) for 40 consecutive years, Leslie A. Bostic, Ph.D. has dedicated his adult life to aiding troubled children and families. - learn more

John W. Bricker

John W. Bricker John W. Bricker has served Columbus and Ohio throughout his political career. The honorable John W. Bricker held several public offices, including Attorney General, Governor and United States Senator. He was a Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States in 1944. He began practicing law in Columbus in 1920 and served as a partner in the law firm of Bricker, Evatt, Barton and Eckler. John W. Bricker has received a number of honorary degrees and has served on the Boards of Trustees of several Ohio Colleges, including Franklin University and The Ohio State University. His contributions to the central Ohio Community, the State of Ohio and the nation distinguish him as one of Columbus’ renowned statesmen. - learn more

Carl L. Brown Sr.

Carl L. Brown Sr. “Family Business Man” Carl L. Brown Sr., was a man of intense energy and determination. Mr. Brown had deep interests in the community resulting in his membership in a multitude of groups and organizations, many of which work for the improvement of the African-American Community. - learn more

Edna L. Bryce

Edna L. Bryce Edna L. Bryce, a native of Fairhope, Alabama, was one of many African American "domestic immigrants" who sought a broader landscape of opportunity and freedom north of the Mason Dixon line. In 1926 she found that landscape here in Columbus. For the rest of her life she worked to make Columbus a better place for all people. In 1934, she began Bryce Florist in the living room of her home.  - learn more

Captain Phil H. Bucklew

Captain Phil H. Bucklew Captain Bucklew is a native of Columbus and a veteran of unconventional warfare and Naval Intelligence. He has been equally prominent in college, professional and service athletics. In 1961, he was nominated to the Sports Illustrated Silver Anniversary All-American football team. He organized the Navy’s first physiological warfare unit then known as “Beach Jumpers.”  - learn more

Jack Cannon

Jack Cannon Often called “the perfect guard” and known also for his speed and vicious charge on defense, Jack Cannon earned All American football honors at Notre Dame in 1929. In the famed 1929 Notre Dame – Army game in Yankee Stadium, Cannon’s outstanding play on a frozen field led the Fighting Irish to a 7-0 victory before 85,000 spectators. The defeated Army players congratulated him after the game for his phenomenal performance applauded his abilities. He later owned the Jack Cannon Flower Cart, one of the largest florist establishments in Columbus at the time.   - learn more

Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan

Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan Dr. Benjamin B. Caplan, a medical philanthropist, has served mankind around the world. A physician and psychiatrist in Columbus for over forty years, he has provided volunteer services to the health care and education of underprivileged youth and adults. Dr. Caplan served as a medical missionary for over 50 years - learn more

Daniel A. Carmichael

Daniel A. Carmichael Dan Carmichael, a 1941 graduate of Princeton University, was a three-year member of the championship baseball team, captain and a two-year all-conference selection of the latter. In May of 1939, Dan Carmichael was the winning pitcher in the first ever-televised sporting event. In World War II scored thirteen aerial victories as a carrier-based Navy fighter pilot aboard the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Randolph.  - learn more

Joe Carr

Joe Carr Joe F. Carr was born in Columbus on October 23, 1879, the son of Irish immigrants. He was a pioneer executive not only in football but also in basketball and minor-league baseball. This native son of Columbus is in the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. With only a few years of formal education, he became a sportswriter for the Columbus newspaper known as the Ohio State Journal. - learn more

Howard “Hopalong” Cassady

Howard “Hopalong” Cassady The All-American and Heisman Trophy-winning Ohio State University halfback, Howard “Hopalong” Cassady, was called the “Genius of the Gridiron” and the “Modern Day Chic Harley” in recognition of his great football achievements. An outstanding professional football career with the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles followed his feats at Columbus Central High School and Ohio State. His fine sportsmanship and sincere modesty also have won him wide acclaim. - learn more

Robert Osbourne Chadeayne

Robert Osbourne Chadeayne A nationally acclaimed artist and illustrator, Robert O. Chadeayne has distinguished himself as a superb and accomplished talent in the arts world. Robert Chadeayne came to Columbus in 1927 and began a career that would showcase his artistic excellence across the nation in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Santa Barbara and Chicago. His Columbus roots and the indelible impression on the national art scene can be best described this way: when Sandy Calder, himself a renowned artist, would meet citizens from Columbus, he would always ask, “How’s Bob Chadeayne?” - learn more

Elizabeth Greer Coit

Elizabeth Greer Coit Elizabeth Greer Coit dedicated her life to the advancement of women. - learn more

Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr.

Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr. Eugene C. “Gene” D’Angelo Jr. is a graduate of Linden-McKinley High School. He has had a tremendous impact on the Columbus music community. An accomplished musician on the tuba, string bass, and trombone, Gene was picked up by the Tony Pastor Orchestra while still in high school. After graduating, he attended Ohio State University where he performed in the concert and marching bands and helped found the OSU Jazz Forum.  Gene toured with the likes of Louis Prima and Claude Thornhill, as well as the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Band. He also wrote the Linden McKinley High School alma mater. - learn more

Helen Jenkins Davis

Helen Jenkins Davis In 1918, Helen Jenkins Davis fought for her right to serve the children of Columbus as one of the first African-American Columbus City Schools teachers. - learn more

Melvin “Mel” B. Dodge

Melvin “Mel” B. Dodge One of Columbus’ most energetic boosters. Melvin B. Dodge served his city as president of the Greater Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau from 1985 until 1991 and as Director of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department from 1967 to 1985. A dedicated animal lover, he worked tirelessly promoting the Columbus Zoo and helped make it a world-class facility. Mel Dodge’s talent for behind-the-scenes facilitating was legendary. Business and community leaders as well as elected officials of every political persuasion sought his advice and cultivated his consensus making abilities. During his long and distinguished career, Mel Dodge garnered dozens of community awards and served numerous civic and charitable organizations. - learn more

Hugh J. Dorrian

Hugh J. Dorrian  In January 1966 Mr. Dorrian became Treasurer of the City of Columbus, Ohio. He was appointed City Auditor in September 1969 and has served in that role to the present time. The City Auditor in Columbus is statutorily described as the City's "chief accountant" and chief fiscal officer. Mr. Dorrian has had successful elections in 1969, 1973, 1977, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009. - learn more

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