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License Section

Department of Public Safety
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The mission of the License Section it to administer and enforce all laws, rules and regulations relating to licensing and permit requirements for various types of businesses, charitable solicitations and users of alarm systems. 

Below is a complete list of licenses that the License Section issues. Each section contains the following: 
     - a link to the applicable Columbus City Code; 

     - any application(s) that is required to obtain the license; and 
     - any rules and regulations that may apply to the specific section of the code.

 Notes: Using the Chrome web browser may cause printing difficulties.

Starting February 1, 2018, the License Section will not be conducting criminal background checks on-site for applicants. Applicants must have a State of Ohio BCI check completed at one of the following approved locations: Ohio Attorney General Webcheck locations.

Alarm Dealers - 4 Items

Alarm Customers - Home/Business - 4 Items

Arcades - 3 Items

Billiard Rooms - 3 Items

Carnivals, Circuses and Shows - 3 Items

Charitable Solicitations and Professional Fundraiser - 4 Items

Closing-Out Sales; Distressed Merchandise Sales - 3 Items

Commercial Sales - 3 Items

Community Markets on Public Property - 3 Items

Community Noise - 4 Items

Dangerous Ordnance - 3 Items

Hotel/Motel Operations - 3 Items

Itinerant Vendors - 3 Items

Massage and Bath Establishments - 4 Items

Mobile Food Vending (MFV) - 7 Items

Parades, Processions and Other Moving Assemblages - 3 Items

Scrap Metal Dealers - 3 Items

Vehicle for Hire (VFH) - 6 Items