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All states, including Ohio, have a two-court system: state courts and United States (also known as federal) courts. Ohio's courts are divided into three levels: trial courts, appellate courts and the state supreme court.
The federal court system is similar to the Ohio court system. It consists of trial courts known as U.S. district courts, appellate courts known as circuit courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. 

County Court The mission of the Franklin County Municipal Court is to implement the policies and procedures established by the Judiciary and the State Legislature in a professional and dedicated manner and to ensure accessibility, fairness and courtesy in the administration of justice.

The Franklin County Municipal Court handles small claims, civil, criminal, domestic and common pleas court cases. Their website provides information on current cases, annual reports, employment, local rules, county officials and department contacts.  Franklin County Municipal Court

State Court The Ohio Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Ohio. The Court may grant leave to appeal felony cases from the courts of appeals and may direct a court of appeals to certify its record in any civil or misdemeanor case that the Court finds to be "of public or great general interest."

The Ohio Supreme Court website provides information on recent opinions, case announcements, services, upcoming events, court structure and more. The Supreme Court of Ohio

Federal Court The United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio serves over 5 million citizens, in 48 counties of the 88 counties in Ohio, including those in and around Columbus. Their site contains information about attorneys, general orders, judges, mediation, committees and more.  United States District Court – Southern District of Ohio