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Bike Box

A bike box is a green marked pavement area at a road intersection with a white bicycle symbol inside it.  It also includes an adjacent bike lane for bicyclists to use to move to the front of a line of cars at an intersection, and a stop line on the road for motorists to wait behind.  Bike boxes are present at the North Broadway and Milton Ave intersection, and one is planned to be installed this summer on Fourth St at Broad St.

A bike box can go across one lane or multiple lanes of an intersection.  It encourages bicyclists to wait between the queue of cars and the crosswalk.  A bike box improves visibility and the safety of bicyclists, allows bicyclists to turn left more safely and reduces the likelihood of cars encroaching into the crosswalk.  

At an intersection with a bike box, bicyclists can ride into the bike box using the adjacent bike lane and wait for a green traffic signal.  When approaching the intersection on a steady green light, bicyclists should not attempt to use the bike lane to overtake motor vehicles near the intersection as they may be turning.  Motorists must wait behind the stop line at a red signal.  When the traffic signal turns green, motorists must yield to bicyclists before proceeding or making a turn. 

A bike box is different from a queuebox. Click here to learn about a queue box.

bike box