Keep It Clean

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Simple steps you can take at home to  prevent water pollution .

Take a Tour

Watershed Signage

Signage installed at Griggs, O'Shaughnessy & Hoover Reservoirs invites park visitors to  take a self-guided tour along the shoreline & learn about the green infrastructure installed there.

Rain gardens, porous pavement & more can improve the quality of storm water entering the reservoirs that supply our drinking water.

Non-point Source Pollution

Stormwater Runoff

Protect our Waterways
Illustration Courtesy of NCDENR

Programs for protecting water sources and insuring drinking water quality.

Columbus' Watershed Management Program

Columbus' Watershed Management Program A high quality water supply source allows us to provide Columbus area residents with excellent drinking water at a reasonable cost. Our watershed program's focus is to protect our drinking water source and supply.   - learn more

Wellfield Protection

Wellfield Protection This program focuses on the protection of groundwater, a drinking water source and supply located in southern Franklin County. Governed by Chapter 1115 of the Columbus City Code, specific precautions are required in the wellfield to ensure that the potential for contamination is minimized or eliminated.
- learn more

Drinking Water Quality and Monitoring

Drinking Water Quality and Monitoring The Water Quality Lab performs water quality monitoring and treatment research to ensure that Columbus drinking water meets or exceeds federally mandated Safe Drinking Water Act standards. - learn more

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants Temporary hydrant use permits are available for new construction, nurseries, filling community swimming pools, water hauling, dust control & demolition. Find available hydrants, contact info, permit request form, fire protection rates & more.  - learn more

Managing Our Sewer System

Managing Our Sewer System Various initiatives are underway to protect and improve water quality in the Columbus metropolitan area. We all benefit from clean water. - learn more

Green Infrastructure Protects Water

Green Infrastructure Protects Water Green infrastructure can improve the quality of storm water entering the reservoirs that supply our drinking water. Follow signage installed at Griggs, O'Shaughnessy & Hoover Reservoirs which invites park visitors to learn about the green infrastructure installed there. 
- learn more

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities If you are interested in protecting our natural resources, get involved in our public education programs. You, your community or school group can participate in stream-bank litter cleanups, invasive plant removal & many other activities that promote awareness & appreciation of our natural waterways. - learn more