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Blueprint Contacts

910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215
Office : 614-645-1253
Email : Click to Send Email

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Learn how the City is eliminating sanitary sewer overflows.  

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Blueprint Columbus is an innovative way of eliminating sanitary sewer overflows while also investing in our neighborhoods and our local economy. 


Blueprint Columbus Neighborhoods

Not sure if you are in a Blueprint Neighborhood? Use our  interactive map to find out, and see when Blueprint is coming to an area near you. 

If you are in an active Blueprint area, follow Blueprint Neighborhoods to get construction and project updates, sign up for Sump Pumps, and more.

Blueprint CIPs

Blueprint CIPs Large capital improvement projects currently underway in support of Blueprint Columbus.  - learn more

Four Pillars

Four Pillars There are four pillars that make up the program and will be implemented in all Blueprint neighborhoods: lateral lining, roof water redirection, a voluntary sump pump program, and green infrastructure. These Four Pillars keep rain water out of the sanitary sewer system and protects the quality of water in our rivers and streams. - learn more

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Why Blueprint Columbus? Blueprint Columbus uses today’s technology to address the problem of rain water in sanitary sewers by directing it to the storm sewer, where it belongs. Learn more about the problem, how we got to this solution, and why Blueprint is the better deal for Columbus - learn more

Green Infrastructure Design Guidelines and Supplemental Specifications

Green Infrastructure Design Guidelines and Supplemental Specifications These were developed to assist with the design, construction and establishment of GI facilities in the public Right-of-Way (ROW). Elements of the Green Infrastructure Design Guidelines and Green Infrastructure Supplemental Specifications may be used on private development sites where appropriate. - learn more