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The City of Columbus Fire Code, in conjunction with the Ohio Fire Code is a City law that establishes minimum fire safety requirements for a wide range of activities in the City of Columbus. It applies to all persons and places in City of Columbus.

The Fire Code regulates such matters as emergency preparedness; the prevention and reporting of fires; the manufacture, storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials and combustible materials; the conduct of various businesses and activities that pose fire hazards; and the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the buildings and premises that house such materials, businesses and activities.

The link to the City of Columbus and Ohio Fire Codes are provided to assistance business owners and residence in meeting the fire safety requirements. In addition, while not a substitute for actual code, the “Code Compliance Guidelines” provided an overview of various code requirements as set forth in the Fire Code.

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City of Columbus Fire Codes



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CFD CODE COMPLIANCE GUIDELINE-Portable Heating Equipment Page 1 of 5 Publication Updated: March 13, 2020 CODE COMPLIANCE GUIDELINE PORTABLE HEATERS This publication outlines the State of Ohio Fire Code (i.e., Fire Prevention Code or OFC) fire safety requirements and prohibitions related to the operation and storage of portable heating equipment in City of Columbus. This publ - learn more