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2019 Permit Fees  
904 General Rules and Regulations 
910 General Rules and Regulations 
910 Transmittal Letter 
ADA Curb Ramp Compliance Checklist (8 Ramps/1 Intersection)  
ADA Curb Ramp Compliance Checklist (1 Ramp)  
ADA Curb Ramp Design Boundary Animation  
ADA Curb Ramp Quick Reference Sheet  
ADA Curb Reimbursement Application  
ADA Curb Ramp Reimbursement Brochure 
ADA Handicapped Parking Policy  
ADA Handicapped Parking Details  
ADA Presentation  
ADA Rules and Regulations (effective April 1, 2018)  
Aggregate Summary  
Application of Traffic Signal Warrants  
Approved Asphalt Mix Designs  
Approved Producers and Products  
Basement Vault Exhibit A  
Basement Vault Exhibit B  
Basement Vault Exhibit C  
Basement Vault in Right-of-Way Policy and Procedure  
CAD Standards (PDF)  
CAD Standards (.zip)  
CIP General Notes  
CIP Plan Review Checklist  
CIP Plan Revision Standard (Designer Note) 
CMSC (Current) 
Consultant Evaluation User Manual  
Consultant Performance Evaluation Form  
Contact List for Plans and Policies  
Contractor and Consultant Evaluation Policy  
Cost Plus Fixed Fee Invoice Template  
Curb Reimbursement Brochure  
Downtown Streetscape Standards  
DPS Design Memos 
Engineer's Estimate Template (.xls)  
EV Charger Design Guidance 
Example of Temporary Construction Exhibit  
Example of Temporary Construction Legal Description  
Field Review Checklist  
General Design Requirements (2014)  
General Design Requirements (2017)  
Lump Sum Invoice Template  
Maintenance of Traffic Notes  
Maintenance of Traffic Presentation  
New Product Submittal Application  
Non-Residential Pavement Policy  
Parking Meter OOS/Core Installation Note  
Pipe Summary  
Plan Signature Block  
Plat Sample Plans  
Plat Standards   (Update Summary 2020) 
Prevailing Wage - Affidavit of Compliance  
Prevailing Wage - Certified Payroll Form  
Prevailing Wage - Contractor Responsibilities  
Prevailing Wage - Fringe Benefits  
Prevailing Wage - Instructions for Payroll Forms  
Prevailing Wage - Notification to Employees 
Prevailing Wage - Payroll Dates  
Private Development - E-Plan Requirements (subdivision) 
Private Development - E-Plan Requirements (commercial)  
Private Development - Early AGR Release   
Private Development - Revision Procedure for E-plans  
Private Street Sign Policy  
Private Utility Reimbursement Form (RE-75)  
Qualified Products List (City of Columbus - Traffic)  
Qualified Products List  
Qualified Products List Submittal Process (City of Columbus - Traffic)  
Right-of-Way Plan Checklist  
Right-of-Way Permit Plan Routing Manual 
Right-of-Way Presentation  
Residential Street Pavement Design Policy  
Sample Plans 
Schedule Template (.mpp) 
Sidewalk Dining - ADA Guidelines Brochure 
Sidewalk Dining - Application 
Sidewalk Dining - Example Drawing 
Sidewalk Dining - Information & Checklist 
Sidewalk Dining - Memorandum 
Sidewalk Dining - Rules & Regulations 
Special Hauling Permit Rules & Regulations  
Spread Requirements  
Standard Construction Drawings 
Subconsultant Affidavit  
Supplemental Specifications 
SWPPP General Notes  
Task List Template (.xls)  
Temporary Commercial Zone Application  
Traffic Signal Design Manual 
Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract Policy  
Traffic Signal Notes  
Traffic Standards User Guide  
Types of Easement  
Unit Cost Master List  
Utility Coordination - Coordination Log 
Utility Coordination - Guidelines for Utility Relocations 
Utility Coordination - Joint User Attachment 
Utility Coordination - List of Utility Contacts 
Utility Coordination - Overhead Utility Cable Identifiers 
Utility Coordination - Pole Alignments 
Utility Coordination - RW Contracts and Utility Presentation 2015 
Utility Coordination - Sample Utility Note Format 
Utility Coordination - Utility Manual 
West Franklinton 315 Gateway District Streetscape Standards