Animals & Insects

Animal & Insect Complaints
Contacts for complaints about animals and insects for locations within the city of Columbus and Worthington, include animal bites, dangerous animals, bed bugs, mosquitoes, farm or exotic animals, rats and other pests. 

Animal Program / Farm and Domestic Animal Permits
Responds to complaints about animal bites, dangerous animals, and issues of farm and exotic animals. Permits for keeping of certain animals within the jurisdiction of the City of Columbus Board of Health. 

Mosquito & Insect Control
Purpose of the program is to reduce disease spread to humans by insects such as West Nile Virus. The program begins each season by trapping and testing mosquitoes, then conducts spraying based on the testing results. 

Rabies Prevention and Vaccination
Dogs, cats and ferrets over the age of three months are required to have a current rabies vaccination in Franklin County. Rabies vaccination clinics are held in Columbus and around Franklin County. 

Rabies Tag Search 
Search online database by rabies tag number.  

Rats Prevention and Control
Basics about preventing or getting rid of rats in our neighborhoods.