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Accessible and secure bicycle parking encourages people to get where they need to go on their bicycle. A variety of parking options can be found in Columbus.

Bicycle Parking

Bike Racks

The City installs bike racks in public right-of-way upon request from local businesses. A business or property can request a bike rack via the  311 Call Center. Click "Submit a New Service Request", search for "bike racks", then click "Install Bike Racks".

Bike Parking Shelters

Bike shelters provide some protection from rain and hot sun making for a more enjoyable parking experience. Each shelter has been outfitted with either a green roof or bicycle information panels and a maintenance station. In addition, they increase awareness that Columbus supports the use of bicycles for transportation.  Click here  for a map of locations that have been installed to date.

Bike Parking Corrals

Bike corrals are on-street bike parking facilities where bike racks are installed on the pavement either in unused "dead zones" or where a motor vehicle parking space has been converted. This allows greater bike parking in areas where sidewalks are too narrow to accommodate enough bike racks for the demand.