Health Planning

Child Fatality Review  
Community planning process in which a team of experts convene to review the circumstances around potentially preventable deaths.

Community Health Advisory Committees  
Groups organized in north, east, west and south areas of Columbus working to improve the health of their community through health care and community-based partnerships.

Office of Planning and Quality Improvement 
Works to advance the quality of culture by infusing continuous quality improvement into daily business and department services.  

Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition  
Collaboration of 50+ organizations working to create opportunities for nutrition and physical activity for pregnant women and children birth to kindergarten entry.

Emergency Preparedness  
Programs to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from health emergencies, with an emphasis on develop and practicing emergency plans.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability
Initiatives to increase awareness of the link between the environmental health and environmental protection fields. 

Epidemiological support for Columbus Public Health and the community who want to use data effectively in community health policy, planning, and programming decisions.

Food Protection Advisory Committee 
Partnership between Columbus Public Health, representatives of the retail food industry, and other interested participants focusing on promoting food safety in Columbus and Worthington.

Healthy Places 
Works to establish policies and practices that create places that foster physical activity as a part of everyday life.

Minority Health Advisory Committee 
Columbus Office of Minority Health Advisory Committee is charged with setting up opportunities within the community to address issues surrounding minority health.