Contact Director Sam Orth III
City of Columbus, Ohio
Department of Technology
Office : (614) 645-2550
Fax : (614) 645-2400 
8:00AM - 5:00PM

Director's Bio Sam Orth has spent the last 34 years helping government and education use technology to create value for citizens in Ohio. - learn more

DoT  Centralized Services & Programs includes Citywide Website Management, Citywide Applications & Technologies, Communications & Network Systems, and Citywide IT Governance

Citywide Website Management The department's Web Team provides oversight and direction for the applications and tools used throughout the City to deliver Internet (external) and Intranet (internal) web services to its employees and the public; ensures vendor support and maintenance of the City's web server infrastructure; develops and implements Citywide policies and processes related to development and maintenance of the City's websites and web applications; and  ensures the City's websites meet requirements, as well as other best practices for usability and easy access to City government information and services; provides citizen support and responds to citizen requests for information as it pertains to the City's public website.
For comments or questions about the website, please contact [email protected] .

Citywide Applications & Technologies The Department manages and coordinates Citywide business applications, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), collaboration tools (Microsoft SharePoint), document management systems and the City's website.

Communications & Network Systems The department's roles and responsibilities include providing effective wireless and wireline communication to the City and other governmental agencies through high quality systems and services, ensuring the highest level of service to the public. The department performs engineering and operations services for communications and electronic equipment and systems. 

Citywide IT Governance The Department creates and implements Citywide IT policies, procedures, and standards; develops the Citywide IT Strategic Plan and ensures alignment with Citywide business goals; and manages Internal Controls for IT in the areas of system access and procurement of IT goods and services.