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Director's Bio Sam Orth has spent the last 34 years helping government and education use technology to create value for citizens in Ohio. - learn more

Expansion of the city's fiber network, along with deployment of other digitally enabled technologies, has helped begin to close the digital divide among Columbus residents. 

Digital Inclusion

Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi is now accessible in underserved areas of the city such as the King-Lincoln District, the Jerry Hammond Center in Olde Towne East and 32 of the city's recreation centers.

In addition to the new technologies made possible through the city's fiber optic network, the department works closely on collaborative initiatives such as Connect Ohio.  Connect Ohio's programs include working with commercial providers to assure broadband is accessible and affordable to every Ohioan.  Another Connect Ohio initiative, "Every Citizen Online," partners with more than 200 libraries, community colleges and educational centers across the state to provide free basic computer and broadband training classes to Ohio adults. 

In Columbus alone the Columbus Metropolitan Library's 21 locations offer free WiFi and Internet access. Library patrons logged in to use the computers 2.1 million times in 2012. The CML offers technology training classes and job help assistance in every location and has Homework Help Centers that are equipped with computers for students to complete their work after school. And provides access to online tools to aid in job search, research and school work.