Fire Seal


Columbus Division of Fire

3639 Parsons Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43207 

Office : 614.221.3132

Fire Prevention Bureau: 614-645-7641

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Office of the Chief

Office of the Chief The Fire Chief is responsible for the overall management of the Division of Fire, ensuring the Division’s resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, thus providing the best possible fire safety and related services to the citizens of Columbus. - learn more

Administration Bureau

Administration Bureau Our mission is to act as liaison between the Fire Chief and the Department of Finance, and to develop and monitor accounting practices, financial measures, and administrative procedures which promote the achievement of the Division’s mission through the efficient use of funds.
- learn more

Emergency Services Bureau

Emergency Services Bureau Our mission is to minimize injuries, death, and property loss related to fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters through the efficient delivery of effective fire suppression, pre-hospital treatment, and patient transportation. - learn more

Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Prevention Bureau Our mission is to minimize injuries, death, and property loss through public education, enforcement of fire codes, environmental report requests and the investigation of fire causes. - learn more

Fire Training / Emergency Medical Services Bureau

Fire Training / Emergency Medical Services Bureau Our mission is to assure that all Division members have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and efficiently fulfill the mission of the Division. - learn more

Support Services Bureau

Support Services Bureau Our mission is to provide and maintain the facilities, apparatus, and supplies, to receive emergency and non-emergency calls and dispatch necessary alarms as well as to provide infectious disease prevention/intervention for firefighters. - learn more