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As the City of Columbus is developing Connect Columbus, our long-range multimodal transportation plan, our partner agencies are also working at this time on important plans for their organizations and the region's overall future transportation systems.  These plans are:

  • COTA's Next Generation plan
  • MORPC's Metropolitan Transportation Plan-a 20 year long range, fiscally constrained and federally require transportation plan

These are individual planning efforts, specific to the goals and needs of each agency, but our efforts are not being isolated.  Together we are coordinating with and engaging community stakeholders for each of these plans.  See below for direct links to these other agency projects. 

COTA Next Gen

MORPC Metropolitan Transportation Plan
MTP stacked

Connect Columbus Factbook CoverFor the full Factbook document, please click here.

Connect Columbus

On November 16-17, the project team hosted open house public meetings at the Whetstone Shelterhouse, Westgate Shelterhouse and City of Columbus building 77 N. Front Street, providing an update on the project’s status and initial recommendations.  If you were unable to attend one of these in person, please click here for the full powerpoint presentation.

Any comments regarding these public meetings or the attached presentation can be submitted via an email to connect@columbus.gov; comment period will be open until 12/9/16.


The City of Columbus continues to develop its multimodal thoroughfare plan through a planning effort called Connect Columbus.  This purpose of the project is to improve safety, reduce congestion, promote equitable access to transportation, and foster economic development, public health and environmental responsibility.  The plan will shape the future of transportation in Columbus by creating a framework on how to enhance alternative forms of transportation.  A community that is more pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly is a more livable community.

In 2015, the project team focused on meeting with residents, business owners, and key stakeholders to determine the project’s vision and goals and held four public workshops in various locations in the City.  The team also worked with City staff to determine needs and discuss planned improvements.  Over the winter and into Spring 2016, the project team evaluated all the feedback received during the public workshops and started into the next phase of the project – referred to as “Design.”  

For a summary of the public outreach effort, please click here. (Document linked is a pictorial summary of the Public Outreach effort.  The Connect Columbus logo is on the document, as well as three pictures of the plan van at various locations throughout the city including the bike lane demonstration on Livingston Av.  Three additional infographics are present.  Infographic one illustrates a total of 233 attendees were present at the four workshops.  Infographic two illustrates that during the workshops public comment by mode of transportation was collected, specifically, 318 comments regarding transit, 139 comments regarding bikeway, 135 comments regarding pedestrians, 125 comments regarding vehicles travel, and 102 comments on other subjects.  The third infographic illustrates that the plan van traveled to 18 locations and reached over 770 people.)

For more detailed information on the Connect Columbus Project, please click here.

Meetings were held at the end of March, 2015 and beginning of April, 2015 to establish visions and goals.  Click here for the presentation. 

    Click here to see the Closing Presentation for Charrette One. 

    Click here to see the Closing Presentation for Charrette Two.

    Click here to see the Closing Presentation for Charrette Three.

    Click here to see the Closing Presentation for Charrette Four.

    Click here to see the proposed Downtown Streetscape Standard Document.


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