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Looking for our building? Use this to orient yourself to our 77 North Front Street location, part of the City of Columbus municipal buildings' downtown campus.

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Public Forms


Applicant Request for Administrative Review of Background File
Applicant Request for Administrative Review of Background File - PRE-SCREENING PROCESS
Background Removal Standards - FIREFIGHTER
Background Removal Standards - POLICE OFFICER + 911 ER COMM EMPLOYEES

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Application Continuation Sheet
Notice of Appeal
Notice to Parties Appearing
Request For Citywide Transfer
Request for Position Audit
Public Records Request Notice
Request for Public Records
Request for Reinstatement
Request for Review
Request to Cancel a Temporary Withdrawal
Request to Withdraw from an Eligible List
Retest Policy
Testing Accommodation - ADA Step 1
Testing Accommodation - ADA Step 2
Testing Accommodation - Not ADA
Veterans Preference Fact Sheet
City Jobs - HOW TO APPLY (video)
City Jobs - HOW TO SET UP A PROFILE (video)
City Jobs - JOB ALERTS (video)
Testing Clinic (video)
How to Register to Apply Online for City Jobs
Tips for Completing Online Applications
City Jobs Starter List
Employment Information Guide
OPAC/TestGenius Manual (Nonuniformed Testing) * N E W ! *
Most Common Subtests
Community Relations Representative Study Guide
Entry-Level Professional Study Guide
Human Resources Representative Study Guide
Operator-in-Training Study Guide
Planner 1 Study Guide
Situational Judgment Test (SJT): What is it? (PDF) * N E W ! *
Situational Judgement Test Instructions and Example (video) *N E W!*
Supervisor's Manual
Water Protection Specialist II Reading List

Interest Category Definitions
Job Classes Linked to Interest Categories
Interest Category Assignments by Job Class

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