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Turn Box

Bicyclists turning left from bicycle lanes on the right of multi-lane roadways can face difficulty from high volumes of fast moving traffic. Instead of changing lanes multiple times to access a turn lane, a two-stage turn queue box allows bicyclists to get through the intersection in two stages without merging into traffic.


Two-stage turn queue boxes are optional. A sign ahead of the intersection informs the left-turning bicyclist to choose between merging into traffic and staying in the bike lane. At the intersection, another sign directs left-turning bicyclists in the bike lane to the turn box. There are two simple steps to use a turn box:


  • Enter the intersection on a green light and wait in the turn box. Orient your bicycle to the left your new direction.
  • Wait for the cross-traffic light to turn green then continue through the intersection.

Turn Box Locations (Downtown)

Turn Box Locations (North of Downtown)

Click here  to see a video from Salt Lake City, Utah about how to use a turn box.

A turn box is different from a bike box. Click here to learn about a bike box.

Here is a diagram from TheWashCycle showing how to use a turn box:

queue box diagram

Here is a diagram showing the difference between using a turn box and making a standard left turn:

Two-stage Turn vs. Standard Turn