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The Columbus Civil Service Commission typically administers the firefighter test every two years.   The CSC has the option to extend the current eligibility list of candidates causing longer periods between testing. Because of COVID-19, the 2021 test has been pushed back one year.

How do I sign up for the FF Civil Service test?

To apply, complete an application online during the filing period. While you are waiting for the filing period to open, you can submit a Job Alert and set up a profile. When this is complete, you will be sent an email reminder to apply when the filing period opens in 2022 and information that you enter in your profile will be accessible when you complete your application.

I missed the open application period; how can I get put on the mailing list to be notified for the next sign up?

Go to the Civil Service website Employment Center  and fill out the Job interest form for the Firefighter position Code #3090. This will put you on the mailing list to be notified of any information about testing. THIS IS A MAILING LIST ONLY

What's on the test?

The Civil Service Study Guide is available on line and describes the content of each Phase to the Civil Service test. The Civil Service Study Guide outlines the Phases of the multiple choice, FOAM (Firefighter Oral Assessment Mechanism) and Firefighter Mile (Physical Fitness Test course Pass/Fail)

Can I apply just for the EMS/Paramedic position?

No, you must perform both firefighter and EMT job duties.

What do I need to do to prepare for the next Civil Service Test?

Obtain a Study Guide from the Civil Service website and become very familiar with all of its content.  Also, it's never too early to start your physical fitness training, so start getting in shape now. 

Why so long before I hear about Firefighting testing?

Once an applicant has passed all 3 Phases of Civil Service testing they are placed on the Civil Service Eligible List based on the results of their FOAM (Firefighter Oral Assessment Mechanism).  This Eligibility list is good for two years, but may be extended. This list will be used until the next list is established.

Do I need EMS or Fire Experience to apply?

No, however you must meet the minimum qualifications to apply, which are: 
be at least 17 ½ years of age    
be a U.S. Citizen
possess a valid Driver's license

possess a HS diploma or GED at time of hire.


Do I get preference points for EMS or Firefighting certifications/experience? 

No, preference points are only awarded to qualified Military Veterans.

Am I hired to the Academy if I pass the Civil Service test?

 No, when you pass the Civil Service test you will be placed on the CSC Eligible List.  The list is valid for a minimum of two years, but may be extended.  Candidates are selected from the Eligible List and processed through a background investigation.  Once you successfully complete the background process you will receive a conditional offer of employment from the Public Safety Director.

If I am a legal Resident, can I apply?

No, you must be a sworn US Citizen by time of Hire.

Is there an age cut off to apply?

There is no maximum age limit, but you must be at least 17 ½ years old to apply.

I have no experience in EMS/Fire, what can I expect?

You are encouraged to stop by a firehouse and speak with the firefighters on duty, as well as research careers in the fire service.

I have a college degree; can I get into the Fire Academy?

No, you must apply during the application filing period through the Civil Service Commission, and pass all 3 Phases of testing to be placed on the Eligible list.

If I have a felony, can I apply?

No, there is a list of Background Removal Standards everyone should become familiar with located on the Columbus Civil Service Commission website.

What days and hours can I work?

After graduating from the Training Academy, you will be placed on a 24 hour platoon schedule, every third day. (48 hours off duty) as an Firefighter/EMT



Call the Columbus Fire Recruitment Office if you have any further questions to talk with a Recruiter!