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Office of Diversity
and Inclusion

1111 East Broad St. Suite 203 
Columbus, OH 43205 
Phone: (614) 645-4764 
Fax: (614) 645-6669 
Hours:  M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Workforce Diversity Our goal is to create a workforce strategy that focuses on recruiting, retaining and promoting the best diverse talent available as well as reflect the diversity of the citizens that makeup the population of the City of Columbus and creating and or applying new and innovative approaches to attracting and retaining diverse talent and creating an inclusive work environment.

Everyone has a responsibility to help foster true diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It's up to each of us to respect, embrace and value each other's differences, backgrounds and experiences. By focusing on valuing and respecting differences rather than just accepting, we can become a city that appreciates differing viewpoints and inspires healthy conflict instead of conformity. If we work together to create an environment where we are all comfortable being ourselves and are encouraged to voice our opinions, we'll be able to truly have an inclusive culture.
• Workforce Data Collection - Create and maintain Workforce Data Scorecards to keep the City of Columbus informed and accountable on having a diverse workforce and to help shape our workforce diversity recruitment strategies.

• Workforce Diversity Recruitment – Making sure we are partnering with the right organizations; finding the right channels, and creating new ways to recruit diverse talent to the City of Columbus

• Diversity Training – Ensuring all employees have access to diversity training and working with departments to provide customized D&I training for their needs.

• Inclusive Workplace Culture Development - Partnering with Departments to create policies and practices that promote:
   - acceptance
   - values the individual and group differences within our workforce
   - embraces the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of our employees
   - all employees have equal access to opportunities for training, development and advancement

City of Columbus’ 30x30 Challenge was created to ensure that every aspect of Workforce and Supplier Diversity is inclusive and representative of the diverse demographics that makes up Ohio’s capital city. The Challenge will help the region address and alleviate systemic racism embedded in our workplace and supply chains, help Columbus remain competitive in business as well as open opportunities across organizations.

City of Columbus’ 30x30 Challenge strategy establishes a precedent for all Columbus employers and encourages them to strive for the following growth by the year 2023:
   • 30% Workforce Diversity Representation
   • 30% Growth In Supplier Diversity Spend
   • 30% Diversity In Executive Leadership
   • 30% Diversity In Board And Commission Representation

More Details Coming Soon!!

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Columbus Women's Commission The Columbus Women’s Commission works to advance the economic well-being of women in our community by directly influencing policies and procedure to make big change happen in Columbus.  The commission focuses on four key areas: Gender Equity in the WorkplaceHealthHousing and Workforce Development. Click here, to view their site.

Civil Service Commission We recommend that you visit our Civil Service Commission’s website where you can find extensive information regarding City jobs, Commission info, and various frequently requested public forms and resources.
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