Temporary Hydrant Use/Permits:Fire Hydrants
For new construction, nurseries, filling community swimming pools, water hauling, dust control & demolition. To contact the Permit Office, please call 614-645-7330.

For customers experiencing low pressure or rusty water:
  • If you are experiencing low pressure or discolored, rusty water,  check the schedule to see if hydrants are being flushed in your neighborhood. Flushing occurs annually and runs from April through October.
  • Rusty Water Learn what to do during a rusty water event.

Contacts for Hydrant Issues:
To report knocked over/leaking fire hydrants (614) 645-7788

To report children playing in water coming from a hydrant (614) 645-7788
You should also notify the police using the non-emergency number (614) 645-4545

NOTE: ILLEGAL OPENING OF FIRE HYDRANTS Columbus residents should know that it is illegal to open their neighborhood fire hydrants (City Codes 1103.01 and 2517.04). Illegally opening fire hydrants can hamper firefighting capabilities, strain the City’s water supply, cause low pressure and cause damage to fire hydrants, water mains, and private property.
Columbus Division of Fire

Fire Protection
Check the rate chart for metered (based on meter size; pages 4 - 5) and unmetered (based on tap size) fire protection. Any questions regarding the chart, rates or other customer service issues can be addressed at 614-645-8276; representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7am - 6pm.