Stormwater CIPS

Stormwater capital improvement projects currently underway within the Division of Sewerage and Drainage

Greenlawn Dam Rehabilitation
Improvements will be made to ensure the facility fully complies with ODNR requirements. Construction is expected to begin by spring 2024 and will be completed by 3rd quarter of 2024. A virtual public meeting is anticipated to take place with notifications mailed to area residents in late spring 2023.

Markison Inflow Redirection
This project involves intercepting storm runoff from the existing combined sewer system to the new storm sewer system and improvements to the Markison Avenue CSO Regulator. The project area is generally bounded by: Smith Road on South, 22nd Street on West, Lockbourne Road on East and Whittier Street on North. To meet Consent Order deadline, this project will be operational by July 1, 2025.

Linden Stormwater Improvements Phase 2 (Coronet)
This project will address roadway and yard flooding in the areas of: Coronet Drive, Ormond Avenue, Walmar Drive, Dawnlight Avenue, Framingham Circle, Northridge Road, Medina Avenue, and Oakland Park Avenue. Construction is expected to begin early in 2023 and be completed in late 2024. Most improvements are a result of complaints and discussions with residents and they will receive advance notice providing timing and contact info.

Meeklynn Drive Sanitary and Storm Sewer Improvements Project
This project will construct both sanitary and storm sewer improvements along Meeklynn Drive and Olentangy River Road. These projects will be bid and constructed together but will have separate funding sources. Construction is anticipated to start early 2022.

Old Beechwold Area Stormwater System Improvements
Located in Old Beechwold bounded by W Jeffrey Place on the north, High Street on the east, Rustic Place on the south and the Olentangy River on the west, this project will reduce street and yard flooding, replace 100 year old water mains, improve roadways, and provide detention and water quality improvement to rain water that will be redirected from the sanitary sewer system by future Blueprint projects.

Fairwood Facilities Stormwater Improvements Project
Green infrastructure including bioretention basins, rain gardens, extended detention basin, and a porous parking area at the SMOC facility at 1250 Fairwood Avenue will improve water quality from storm runoff from the facility. Construction is expected to begin in 2025.

Linden Neighborhood Stormwater System Improvements Phase 2
This project will address street and back yard flooding, and reduce roadside drainage problems at five locations within/near the North Linden Community. To include 3,530 linear feet of 12-24" storm sewer pipe/bedding, manholes, catch basins, curb and gutter inlets, scour pool with rock channel protection and restoration, construction will start late in 2022 or early 2023.

Holton Park and Eureka Avenue Green Infrastructure Improvements
Improvements include a green infrastructure, shallow-depth bioretention basin with a tiered-wall which will provide water quality treatment for area stormwater, preferrably at Holton Park in an existing open space area in the southeast corner. Pending approvals, construction will start in spring 2020 and be completed by early 2021.

Lehnert Farms/Bolton Field Basin Improvements
This project will modify the existing detention basin to provide additional flood control and reduce downstream flooding. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid 2019.