Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the Mayor's Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is responsible for supporting Mayor Ginther and his Cabinet Leadership Team by advancing efforts to shape Columbus into “America’s Equal Opportunity City”. ODI supports opportunities for every individual, family and community to share in the economic prosperity of Columbus.

ODI Event Calendar
ODI offers a variety of outreach activities to help businesses navigate the City's purchasing process. ODI also promotes partner events such as online trainings, workshops and webinars to support business development.

Supplier Diversity
This area will help to provide you with information on a wide range of topics, including resources pertaining to minority business participation on City contracts and becoming certified to do business with the City of Columbus.
Supplier Diversity Management System Link

Workforce Diversity
The Workforce Diversity goal should always be to reflect the diversity of the residents that make up the population of the city of Columbus. As we attract, retain, and develop city employees, we will focus on new and innovative ways to help ensure that diversity is a part of that process.Workforce Diversity Collage

Equity Agenda
Opportunity Rising names 21 aspirations that Mayor Andrew J. Ginther has for every Columbus resident. In order to get everyone to a place of opportunity, we’ll need to think, act and invest our resources differently. Equitably.
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City of Columbus Diversity and Inclusion Performance Data Dashboard
ODI remains focused on advancing the Mayor’s Equity Agenda that enables every resident and business owner to thrive. All of our departments are partnering to ensure that the equity agenda remains at the forefront of all that we do as a city, and as an employer. The Diversity and Inclusion dashboard is an interactive visualization intended to help viewers better understand the city’s diversity and inclusion data and performance across all departments. City of Columbus Diversity and Inclusion Performance Data Dashboard Link



Jason T. Jenkins

Jason is serving as the Chief Diversity Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for Mayor Andrew J. Ginther. In his role, he oversees diversity and inclusion management for the City of Columbus providing strategic oversight and policy guidance on key initiatives to support supplier diversity, workforce diversity, and equity.