Opportunity Rising

Whether it's a safe home to sleep in at night, a job that supports a family, clean air to breathe or access to high-speed internet, there are things that everyone should have in America's 21st Century City. While Columbus is a city on the rise, it's also clear that Columbus' residents of color continue to experience the outcomes of systemic racism.

Opportunity Rising names 21 aspirations that Mayor Andrew J. Ginther has for every Columbus resident. In order to get everyone to a place of opportunity, we'll need to think, act and invest our resources differently. Equitably.

To achieve the aspirations of Opportunity Rising, the City of Columbus will boldly collaborate with partners and residents, growing prosperity by dismantling racism together. This will benefit every Columbus resident through the community's improved economic stability, stronger health and wellbeing, and safer, more resilient neighborhoods.

Together, Let's Rise Toward a Brighter Future.

Opportunity Rising: Our Community's Aspirations

Opportunity Rising - Table of Aspirations