Food Protection Program


Program Information

The Food Protection Program is responsible for licensing and inspecting retail food businesses. These include grocery stores, restaurants, bars, delis, convenience stores, vending machines, food carts, and all food sold at fairs and festivals. The inspections are a service provided for the public to ensure the safety of Columbus' food supply for all people who live or work in the City of Columbus and Worthington.

Inspection Results & Color Coded Signs

At all of our licensed facilities, restaurants and grocery stores, we now post a small color-coded sign that is based on the results of the most recent inspection. We also now have a map available to view signs and inspection results.

The types of inspections(PDF, 141KB) conducted at a business vary depending on the types of food served.

Learn more about inspection results and color-coded signs for these licensed businesses.

Trainings and Workshops

Food protection trainings are offered at Columbus Public Health and geared toward food industry professionals. See our schedules below for more details, or register online here.

Foodborne Illness Reporting

Columbus Public Health takes all citizen complaints regarding food borne illness and food safety seriously. For more information, go to our Foodborne Illness Reporting page.


If needed, enforcement measures(PDF, 92KB) are taken to ensure the safety of the food being sold. When critical violations are found during regular inspections or complaint investigations, enforcement actions may be necessary.

To report a complaint about a food service in Columbus or Worthington, call 311 (614) 645-3111 or go to

Get information on owning and operating a food business