Stormwater Drainage Manual

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Drafts of Proposed Regulations

Pursuant to Columbus City Code 1145.11 and 1145.81, the Department of Public Utilities presents a revised draft of the Stormwater Drainage Manual(PDF, 4MB) for public comment. The Manual provides the stormwater control standards for development and redevelopment of public and private property. It was last revised in December 2022.

Please direct any comments to Comments will be accepted through July 1, 2024.

Current Stormwater Drainage Manual

The Stormwater Drainage Manual establishes stormwater control requirements for all new public and private development and redevelopment in the City of Columbus. It requires post construction stormwater controls for both water quality and water quantity.

The 2022 Manual shall be used for designs submitted after January 4, 2023. Please see the manual for a full explanation of how it will be applied. Note: SCP = Stormwater Control Practice.

NPDES & Related Documents

NPDES Permit(PDF, 901KB)

NPDES Annual Reports:

Stormwater Variance Requests

Three types of variances from the Stormwater Drainage Manual are possible. Learn about the application process, join a list to receive notice when requests are submitted, or view the list of submitted requests. NOTE: An updated SWDM Guidance Document is forthcoming. Please contact Greg Fedner at 614-645-8072 or by email at for questions related to this document and other SWDM variance issues.

Stormwater Variance Requests

Stream Corridor Protection Zones

The City's Stormwater Drainage Manual requires developers to establish Stream Corridor Protection Zones (SCPZ) when new development or redevelopment is proposed on property where streams are located. SCPZs consist of the stream and the riparian area along it and are protected through either deed and plat restrictions, easements or by City ownership. The purpose of the SCPZ is to allow the natural, lateral movement of open water courses, provide sufficient area for flood conveyance, protect water quality and prevent structures from being impacted by natural streambank erosion.

Stream Corridor Protection Zones