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Forms, environmental requirements and information required of contractors to get approved to work on Utilities projects. 

Chlorination Request Form to Disinfect Water Mains

Chlorination Request Form to Disinfect Water Mains Contractors with water lines ready to be chlorinated will need to complete a Chlorination Request Form. A Request Checklist should be used to assure all aspects and data required in the request form are captured. Additional forms follow. - learn more

Stormwater Drainage Manual

Stormwater Drainage Manual This manual establishes stormwater control requirements for all new public and private development and redevelopment in the City of Columbus. It requires post construction stormwater controls for both water quality and water quantity.  - learn more

Get Certified

Get Certified Authorization is required prior to working on City water or sewer lines. To "Get Certified," contractors must submit an application to the DPU at 910 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43215 and meet with a Review Board (meetings are every third Thursday from 9 a.m.- 3:30 p.m). Contractor licenses must be renewed annually. Residents can search the Citizen Portal for approved contractors. Note: DPU does not endorse or recommend any contractor. 
- learn more

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Service Provider Responsibilities Consultants, contractors, & vendors have several environmental requirements when performing work either for the DPU, at DPU facilities, or on DPU job sites. Review the EMS Policy and the Awareness Procedure to learn more. - learn more

Economic Inclusion Plan

Economic Inclusion Plan This Agency Economic Inclusion Plan is intended to serve as an overview of our contracting opportunities as well as an invitation to those business enterprises wishing to access them. Diversity and inclusion are organizational values that extend to our workforce of over 1200 employees and procurement activity with minority and female owned businesses. - learn more


FORMS - OHIO EPA WORKSHEETS AND PROJECT SUMMARY SHEETS Required for Division of Water Work. - learn more

Forms - Utilization of Subcontractors

Forms - Utilization of Subcontractors Forms and information required to utilize subcontractors while doing business with the Department of Utilities.
- learn more

Private Sewer Agreement

Private Sewer Agreement This form is required to obtain permission to construct a private sanitary sewer discharging into the City Sewerage System, in accordance with City Standard Specifications. More About Private Sewer Agreement   - learn more

CAD Digital Submission Standards

CAD Digital Submission Standards For the creation and submittal of digital drawings, a Zip format file with Microsoft Word standards document and an autocad drawing template is available. - learn more

Water Distribution Facilities Approved Materials List

Water Distribution Facilities Approved Materials List Developers or contractors constructing potable water facilities within the City of Columbus and surrounding contracted water service areas shall indicate all materials used in conjunction with the project & submit this form (includes Approved Materials List) in its entirety.    Approved Materials List - learn more

Supplemental Permit Questionnaire This form must be completed for NPDES Industrial Activity for any facilities that manufacture or process any of the following products or activities: Timber, Paper Products; Chemical Products; Asphalt, Roofing, and Lubricants; Glass Clay, Cement, Concrete and Gypsum; Metals, Mineral, Coal, Oil, Gas & Mining; Hazardous Waste, Landfills and Land Application; Auto Salvage, Recycling Facilities; Steam Electric Generating Facilities; Water Transportation; Ship, Boat Building, Repair Yards; Air Transportation; Treatment Works, Sewerage 1.0 MGD, Land Disposal Sites; Food Products; Textile Mills, Apparel, Leather, Fabric Manufacturing and Products; Furniture and Fixtures; Printing, Publishing; Rubber, Misc Plastics Misc Manufacturing; Transportation Equipment, Industrial/Commercial Machinery; Electronic, Photographic, X-Ray, and Optical Goods; Food Service; Non-Domestic Industry; Groundwater Reclamation/Remediation Project; Discharges of Wastewaters and more. - learn more