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Zoning Inquiries
Email: [email protected]

Rezoning and variances
(Zoning Public Hearings)
Office: 614-645-4522

Section managers

Chief Zoning Official
Shannon Pine

Code Development: 
Paul Freedman, Manager

Commercial Zoning Clearance:
Walter Green, Manager

Residential Zoning Clearance:
Christine Leed, Manager

Public Hearings - BZA and Graphics:
Jamie Freise, Manager

Public Hearings - Rezoning and Council Variances: 
Tim Dietrich, Interim Manager


Please note that the Zoning Review room will be closed the last Tuesday of the month from 2-3:30 PM for staff training.

The Zoning Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city. By extension, zoning laws determine the placement of structures on a given site. While there are subcategories, land uses can be grouped under 3 general categories: residential, commercial and industrial.

More detailed information on zoning code and districts can be found online at 
City of Columbus Zoning Code.

Zoning Staff performs zoning clearance reviews and coordinates the rezoning and zoning variance processes.

The Zoning Section consists of the following 3 units:

Code Development
Responsible for researching, maintaining and updating the 
City of Columbus Zoning Code as well as handling various special projects and research requests.

Zoning Clearance
Responsible for ensuring that all development and redevelopment is in compliance with the zoning code. A certificate of zoning clearance is required prior to the construction or alteration of any building or structure, the establishment, change or modification in the use of any building, structure or land.

Public Hearings
Coordinates the public processes established by the zoning code that enable property owners and developers to modify or change the zoning of a tract of land.There are 4 types of public hearing processes related to zoning.  
Please see the Development Guide for details 
  * Rezoning (pgs. 15-17)
  * Council Variance (pgs. 18-19)
  * Board of Zoning Adjustment (pgs. 20-22)
  * Graphics Commission (pgs. 20-22)

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