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Driveway and Parking Pad Information

Driveways and Parking Pads

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need Zoning Clearance to expand a driveway or parking pad?

Yes, Zoning Clearance is required. The Zoning Code limits the location of where additional parking can be added. Please see the question on Widening Driveways below. 

Do I need Zoning Clearance to pave a new driveway or parking pad?

Yes, Zoning Clearance is required. Here is a link to the form: Zoning Clearance Form

Do I need Zoning Clearance to repave an existing driveway or parking pad? 

Zoning Clearance is not required when a previously approved driveway or parking pad is being repaved without any expansion to the surface area.

Can I use gravel for my new driveway or parking pad? 

Gravel is not an approved surface for new driveways/parking pads. Gravel may be used as a foundation material. Residential properties that have had gravel prior to 1985 can continue to maintain their gravel surface. 

Can I expand my driveway for additional parking? 

Maybe. The Zoning Code limits where additional parking spaces can be located. Here is the typical situation where a driveway cannot be widened: 

The Zoning Code does not allow you to widen a driveway to create an additional parking spot within the Parking Setback ( CC3312.27(2)). The straight orange line in the image below represents the Parking Setback (the Parking setback is measured from the front property line which is shown in blue, back 25’). The area with the zig zag green line is the area where you are not allowed to create a parking spot by widening the driveway.  

Example of a 1-car driveway that can’t be widened:

1 Car Driveway                                       

Example of a 2-car driveway that can’t be widened:

2 Car Driveway                 

Relevant code sections: 

  • A parking pad cannot be located in the parking setback (which is generally the same as the building setback). Please note, corner lots have a second building/parking setback, 3312.27(2 and 3)
  • A parking pad cannot be in the minimum required side yard, 3332.28
  • Parking space needs to be 9’x18’, CC3312.29
  • The parking pad/driveway must be paved with a hard surface like asphalt or concrete.
  • Gravel is not an approved surface but may be used as a foundation material. 3312.43
  • A driveway must be a minimum of 10 feet wide, 3312.13(A). Max width is 20’ for a 2-car garage.
  • Adequate maneuvering of 20’ is required into a parking spot. This can be accommodated by the street or alley, 3312.25

Zoning Clearance Review Application: Click here

Online Zoning Map:

A Right of Way Permit (Citizen Access Portal) is needed for a curb cut and any paving in the right of way: contact Public Service at 614-645-7497 or [email protected].

Please be advised this is general information, some zoning districts may have more restrictive driveway standards, so the zoning for each site needs to be checked each time. You can find zoning district information on the Online Zoning Map: Contact the Zoning office with questions:  [email protected] or call 614.645.8637