Plan Review, Permits and Inspections

Contact Info Structural Inspection Supervisor 
Cliff Spruill   
[email protected]  Office: 614-645-6371 
Fax: 614-645-2433 

Structural Inspection Field Supervisors 
Brian Lauer  
[email protected]  
Office: 614-645-1997 
Fax: 614-645-2433 

Ken Bruen 
[email protected]     Office: 614-645-7443             

Shane Lawwell 
[email protected]
Office: 614-645-3235     
Fax: 614645-2433

Structural Inspections

The structural section performs all inspections related to general building trades, structural, fire suppression, and fire-alarm systems. When all inspections are approved, including the mechanical, electrical and plumbing, the final structural inspection approval will allow the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Below you will find applications, publications, inspection scheduling contact numbers and information specific to the structural trade.

To schedule a structural inspection: 
Phone: 614-645-8235 or Fax: 614-645-2433

To cancel a scheduled Inspection:  
Phone: 614-645-7847 and Fax: 614-645-2099


Structural Inspection Areas


Emergency Fire Protection Form can be completed online click here .  

Check out some of the relevant building Construction Industry Communications.  
CIC-03 Lead Time for Joint Inspections- Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression
CIC-09 Climatic and Geographical Design Criteria  
CIC-11 Construction Document Standards for Roofing and Window Permits    
CIC-17 Commercial Built-up or Membrane Roof Replacement  
CIC-20 Demolition Permits     
CIC-22 After Hours Inspection Scheduling  
CIC-23 Deck Installation - 1,2,3 Family Dwelling Units-Permits Required  
CIC-25 Residential Sales Office Building Permit and Time-Limited Final Occupancy Procedures  
CIC-28 Draftstopping And Fire Rated Walls In Line With Separations In Attics  
CIC-30 Window Wells  
CIC-31 Emergency Work Permits  
CIC-33 Certificate of Occupancy Replacement Procedures  
CIC-34 Tile Drainage System Installation  
CIC-35 Cold Weather Replacement of Concrete and Masonry Work  
CIC-38 Thumb-Turn and Key Lock Devices in Existing Buildings  
This link  is where you can find all of the Construction Industry Communications.

Click here to learn more about Special Inspections. 

Documents & Forms  
Building Permit Application  
Drainage Certification
Fire Protection Request Form 
Application for Partial Certificate of Occupancy  
NFPA 72 Record of Completion Form  
NFPA 72 Inspection and Test Form  
NFPA 13 Above Ground Piping Certificate      
Sprinkler system repairs  
Fire alarm system repairs
Fire Alarm Acceptance
Basic inspection information  
Swimming Pools  
Working without a permit affidavit  
Contractor Compliant Form    
Industry Links
2018 International Energy Code