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Creating a partnership with Keep Columbus Beautiful benefits Columbus' most important asset - its neighborhoods.

Partner With Us

Partners and sponsors can support our mission and vision in a variety of ways:

Encourage your employees/members to volunteer -individuals or groups of all ages can partner with KCB to tackle a variety of projects such as working in the KCB Visitor and Supply Center, beautification or helping us measure success.

Service Partnerships  with Keep Columbus Beautiful provide the opportunity for employees or members of your organization to do hands-on work out in the community. 

Beautification projects such as litter pickups build teamwork and engage groups in making their city a better place to live and work.

Grants, financial contributions and in-kind donations  from foundations, corporations and small businesses support growth in the number of neighborhoods served and allow Keep Columbus Beautiful to strategically target areas in need or issues of environmental concerns.

Media Partners  enhance visibility and highlight our mission to people and communities throughout the city, state and nation. 

Government Partners  add value to the volunteer component of KCB with equipment, vehicles, public policy and law enforcement.

Community  - Corporate Sponsorships strengthen major campaigns; provide funds to promote special projects, recruit participants, reward volunteers and develop educational and awareness materials. Sponsorship brings the added value of connecting your organization/business to an award-winning community improvement cause.

Dumpster Donation Program - A program for organizations and non-profits to request donated dumpsters for use in community projects.  By clicking the link you are able to complete the form at the bottom of the link.

Click here to see the KCB/Columbus Blue Jackets Partnership Beautification Project.

Make a visible impact in our community. Get your organization involved with KCB today.  Citizens, community groups and businesses can get information about partnership and sponsorship opportunities by contacting the staff of Keep Columbus Beautiful at 614-645-2421 or by email at [email protected].