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Columbus Division of Fire

3639 Parsons Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43207 

Office : 614.221.3132

Fire Prevention Bureau: 614-645-7641

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FFAD program

Fire Safety Education


  • Columbus Fire provides classes and information for home, work, and school fire safety and prevention. 
  • This is a fun and educational interactive program. The program starts with pre-discussion, using visual aids such as smoke detectors and literature.  During the interactive portion, teacher and children are encouraged to put on the Firefighting gear.
  • The program lasts about an hour and literature is available upon request.

For more Information on the class:

Phone: 614-645-7377 


Email:   [email protected]


Web based training information:

  • Informational documents, videos and teaching tools are available below on a wide range of fire related safety topics. 
  • Click on the Red links to take you to the related topic on the NFPA website.

Cooking pic

Cooking Safety NFPA Cooking Fire Safety

Smoking Pic

Smoking Safety NFPA Smoking Fire Safety

Space Heater Pic

Space Heater Safety NFPA Space Heater Safety

Dryer Fire Pic

Dryer Fire Safety NFPA Dryer Fire Safety

Candle Pic

Candle and Open Flame Fire Safety NFPA Candle Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Pic

Fire Detection and Prevention Fire Prevention Tools