Engineering Site Plan Review

Street Construction Plans (E Plans)

These plans, when required by the Division of Traffic Management, may only be submitted after a scope of work has been issued by the Division of Traffic Management.  The scope is typically issued after the preliminary site plan meeting. The E-plans, along with an associated construction agreement, must be approved before the Final Site Compliance Plan and the Building Plans are approved. 

Submittal requirements for E-plans for subdivisions and for commercial sites can be found at their respective links below. 
The initial review will be completed in 12 business days. Review fees are based on the time it takes staff to review the plans. An invoice will be sent at the time we inform you that the plans are ready for signature. 

Below is a list of documents associated with Street Construction Plans (E-plans).

Site Development Application
Standard drawings   
Construction Materials Specifications
Sample Plan Sheets

Street Construction (E-Plan) Requirements - Commercial
Street Construction (E-Plan) Requirements - Subdivision

Street Construction (Dr. E) Revision Process PDF