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Design Resources

The following documents provide information regarding the Division of Design and Construction's processes for Private Development and Capital Improvement Projects.  They describe the submission requirements, standards, procedures, and other details regarding plan development and review.

  2012 Construction Materials and Specifications  
  Bike Lane Design Guidelines  
  Downtown Streetscape Standards
  Plan Signature Block  
  Sample Plans    
  Supplemental Specifications    
  Standard Drawings    
  Traffic Signal Design Manual    
  Consultant Performance Evaluation
  Public Service Design and Construction Resource Updates


For Private Development Projects (PD)                            

  PD-Street Construction (E-Plan)FLOW SHEET
  PD-Street Construction (E-Plan) Requirements [Commercial Site]
  PD-Street Construction (E-Plan) Requirements [Subdivision]      
  PD-REVISION PROCEDURE for Street Construction (E-Plan)


For Capital Improvements Projects (CIP)     

  CIP Design Resources
  CIP Plan Checklist
  CIP Right-of-Way Plan Development
  CIP Utility Coordination-Private Utilities