Contractor Licensing/Registration

In accordance with the Columbus City Code, the Department of Building and Zoning Services issues licenses and registrations to individual contractors who wish to perform work within the city. All contractors performing work within the city are required to obtain the appropriate license or registration before they can purchase permits and begin the job. The purpose of issuing licenses and registrations is to provide minimum qualification standards and provide for the safety and welfare of the general public, owners and occupants of buildings and structures within the city. 

Listed below are various licenses and registrations required by our department, based on the specific area of work.

General Contractor City of Columbus registered general contractors are permitted to perform Construction of all new structures or buildings and structural additions, alterations or repairs to existing commercial or multi-family dwellings. - learn more

Home Improvement Contractor Home improvement refers to the repair, replacement, remodeling, alteration, conversion, modernization, improvement or addition. - learn more

Demolition Contractor City of Columbus registered Demolition Contractors are permitted to perform work involving the demolition of any building. - learn more

OCILB The City of Columbus requires registration for any Ohio Construction Industry Licensed Contractors (Electrical, Warm Air Heating, Refrigeration, Hydronics, Plumbing). - learn more

Journey Person Plumber The City of Columbus requires and issues licenses for individuals who intend to work in the City of Columbus as a journeyperson plumber. - learn more

Sign Erector Any applicant who wishes to perform the work of a sign erector in the City of Columbus must first be licensed. - learn more

Sewer Water Contractor Any sewer, water, or combination sewer and water contractor who wishes to work in the city of Columbus, must first be licensed. - learn more

Fire Contractor In order to perform fire alarm and detection equipment and fire protection work in the City of Columbus, contractors are required to register as a Fire Contractor Company. - learn more